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2020 Student Goal Setting Worksheet

2020 Student Goal Setting Worksheet

Printable 2020 Student Goal Setting Worksheet

Happy New Year! We have a lot of goal setting happen in our homeschool. We start our homeschool day by writing down three things we are grateful for and three things we would like to accomplish that day. It makes for a good start. That, however, is a daily goal setting. So every year when we return to our desks from a long and cozy Winter Break we spend a little bit of time setting goals for the coming year. When we are done we hang them up in a place we can see them every day and as we complete one of them we mark it with a bright and cheerful checkmark. It’s fun and it inspires us.

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Here is a printable version of this year’s worksheet. The 2020 Student Goal Setting Worksheet is for your students but I encourage you to fill one out yourself. When you are done spend some time sharing your answers with one another. We also do writing sessions focused on what we can do to accomplish our goals. Then we actively seek to help each other get theirs done. And finally, we cheer and make a rather big deal out of each and every colorful checkmark that makes it way to our sheet!  Join us, will you?


Here are the questions this 2020 Goal Setting Worksheet printable includes.

  1. In 2020 I want to visit this place.
  2. In 2020 I want to taste this for the first time.
  3. In 2020 I want to do something I have never done before like…
  4. In 2020 I want to get better at something I already enjoy doing such as…
  5. In 2020 I want to learn more about this culture.
  6. In 2020 I would like to work on improving this about myself…
  7. In 2020 I would like to serve my community by doing this…
  8. In 2020 I would like to participate in this sport or club…
  9. In 2020 I am going to focus on this one word…
  10. In 2020 I would like to challenge myself to complete this one personal goal.

Get your printable worksheet right here and have fun with it!

Student Goal Setting Sheet for 2020


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