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A Day at the WNC Nature Center in Asheville

WNC Nature Center

A Day at the WNC Nature Center in Asheville

We had an amazing day!  We have wanted to visit the Nature Center in Asheville NC for awhile now. At last, warm weather and an open Friday have allowed us to manage a visit and it was fabulous!  We are all in agreement. This is a must do if you live in the Tri-Cities. It’s less than two hours away.

First, the breakdown:

WNC Nature Center is loaded with opportunities to learn.  They have habitats full of everything from snakes to otters, to bears and cougars.

The cost is just $8 for adults and $4 for kids.

There is no additional charge for their Ed-Venture kits which really add to the educational aspect of your visit.  Learn more about these here. Also, you can earn this cool badge for completing just three of the activities listed.

WNC Nature Center


The habitats are all clean and the animals very healthy. You can explore reptiles such as turtles and snakes.

WNC Nature Center

You can see a red fox or red wolves. You can also see coyotes. There are also some which look very real but can’t bite and make for great photo ops.

WNC Nature Center


There are cougars and bobcats. There are bears and deer. There are owls (I adore them) red tail hawks and even turkey vultures. The river otters put on an amazing show and there is even a petting zoo.

There is so much to do and see that you can easily make a day of this adventure.  We highly recommend a trip to this Nature Center!

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