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Art Contest – Life is Good

Art Contest – Life is Good

Take Part In A Contest That Makes A Difference

We love a fun contest for kids! This one from Life Is Good is awesome in a whole new way!  Have you ever watched the Ted Talk by Bert, one of the Founders of Life Is Good? If not, you really should. It’s uplifting and time well spent. Here it is – you’re welcome 🙂

Now that you are properly inspired by Life Is Good, you can see why I love the idea of T taking part in this contest. First of all, it never hurts to spend some time pondering what is good about your life. We call that, counting our blessings around here. Second, every entry earns a dollar for kids in need. Also, this counts as Art in our homeschool. Finally, the prizes are pretty great too!


If your child or children are twelve or under they can participate. Why not give it a shot? If nothing else they will have spent some time embracing gratitude and their efforts will help a child in need. See, Life Is Good 🙂

Hurry, the deadline is April 29th, 2016! Download the entry form now and get to it! You never know, your child could be the creator of the next best seller!

Here are some other great contest for kids to enter.

The Paradigm Challenge gets kids thinking about how they can create something that could help prevent injuries for those involved in a house fire. Check it out below and see how you can get involved!

Gifted writers are invited to submit a poem to Blue Mountain Arts!  Learn more below!


Do you know of a great contest?  Please feel free to share in the comments below! And thank you for visiting our blog today!  Please come back soon!


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