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What To Do When A Black Rat Snake Moves In

What To Do When A Black Rat Snake Moves In

How To Get Rid of Black Rat Snakes In Your Home

We recently had a situation with two black rat snakes in our home! Find out how we handled it, what we learned, and what you should and should not do in response to Black Rat Snakes In Your Home!

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Two Black Rat Snakes Arrive At My Front Door

I had a terribly frightening experience with two black rat snakes. I was talking to Micah on the phone. He was driving home from work and I was sweeping the fallen leaves from the front porch. It had been raining all week and tiny twigs and leafs covered the porch and my lawn. In my gardens, the flowers looked drowned and drooping. The yard needed some love. So, out I went.

Micah and I were laughing about something when suddenly I saw movement from the corner of my eye. I turned to focus in and discovered a Black Rat Snake climbing across my porch towards me. I panicked and screamed into Micah’s ear.


It didn’t appear the least bit afraid and kept approaching me. Eventually, it came to my front door. It actually climbed up the wall and peeked in the glass before climbing over the doorframe and working its way closer to me. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t afraid of me. I was after all bigger and clearly armed with a broom. Everyone has always told me snakes are more afraid of you than you are of them. This one apparently didn’t get that memo.

I realize that Micah is saying things to me. Things like, “Get away from it, I am almost home.”

I scramble down the stairs, my eyes glued to it when I catch something out of the corner of my other eye and low and behold there is a second snake, even larger, crawling up my porch on the other side of the stairs. I scream in Micah’s ear again. (Poor guy!)

“There’s two of them!”

Second Black Rat Snake

By the time he arrived home, both snakes were happily climbing my chimney. To my extreme horror, one of them headed to this little hole neither of us had ever noticed before and entered my house!!!! Yup, he was inside my house and I was about to pass out.

I posted a video of the snakes online and received a lot of advice.

My phone also started ringing. A lot. I got even more advice. Several people suggested we move. Others thought it might be best just to burn the house down altogether. Most people suggested I get a bunch of mothballs and fill the house with those. Because that was the most reasonable suggestion that is what we did.

We also called for help! It was around seven when this all went down but we were still able to reach a really kind and calm man with Roger’s Wildlife Control and Removal and he assured me he would have help out to us the next day and not to panic. Well, not to panic anymore.

The First Thing To Do When There Is A Giant Black Rat Snake Lurking In Your House.

The man from Roger’s Wildlife Removal advised us to take a towel and place it under (not just in front of) but rather wedged under the door of the homeschool room where we were guessing the snake was hiding. We figured this from the location on the outside of the house that he had gone in through the hole.

What Not To Do When There Is A Giant Black Rat Snake Lurking In Your House.

Don’t go out and buy a bunch of mothballs!

Do MothBalls Work To Repel Snakes?

It turns out that not only do mothballs have no effect on snakes at all, but they are also really horrible for a human respiratory system. They can be very dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn babies as well as small children. We should guess from the way our body responds to the wretched smell. When you smell mothballs, you are actually inhaling the insecticide. They are meant to be used in closed airtight containers to control clothes moths. When placed in areas where you or your pets can breathe them they are very bad for you. Mothers that wear clothes that weren’t washed and had been stored in mothballs can have babies born with anemia. When used outside they can contaminate soil and cause problems. Learn more about how dangerous toxic mothballs are here.

Mothballs are generally made with one of these two chemicals, Naphthalene or Paradichlorobenzene. Learn more about how harmful these can be below.

Naphthalene Fact Sheet

Paradichlorobenzene Fact Sheet

The men that came to address the snake problem the next day, Scott and Alan, told me that on more than one occasion they had captured snakes that were happily residing in places full of mothballs. Also, if a child comes across a mothball and mistakes it as candy it can be extremely dangerous if consumed.

Is There An At Home Snake Repellent That Does Work?

You can see that the internet is full of products to repel snakes. But with a little research, you will discover that the customer reviews are full of stories of how most products let them down. They provide a rather false sense of security. Roger’s Wildlife Control did use a repellant around our home. This one is a green product and is made of mostly clove oil, cedar oil, and cinnamon oil. To have the entire area around our home and the chimney treated with this it was $300. They believed this product was available only to professionals but guess what, I discovered the very same product is available on Amazon for far less. You can get yours here. If you are just wanting to repel snakes you could easily spread this yourself and save big bucks. If you already have snakes inside, I would suggest you still call for help.

Are Non-Venomous Snake Bites Still Dangerous?

Many people had called to assure me that I was very lucky to have these black snakes killing rodents around my house. I wasn’t really feeling so lucky. So I asked Scott from Roger’s Wildlife Control how he felt about the presence of Black Rat Snakes. He agreed that they definitely eat a lot of rodents and were probably drawn to the large family of squirrels that live in and around my home. Our house is wood and to the squirrels, its just another tree in their forest. We have struggled with the gray squirrels but it is the flying squirrels that have proven impossible to get rid of.

Scott told me that Black Rat Snakes can and will bite and that when you consider their diet of mostly RATS (hence the name) they have a really nasty bite. A Black Rat Snakebite can easily cause infection and you should seek medical attention if you are bitten. Likely, your doctor will provide you with a tetanus shot and check to see if a tooth has been embedded in the wound and clean it really good for you.

Interesting Myths and Facts About the Black Rat Snake

  • In the wild Black Rat Snakes generally, live around fifteen years
  • Black Rat Snakes are constrictors
  • They are excellent climbers and they can swim
  • It is NOT true that Black Rat Snakes keep venomous snakes away. While they have on occasion been known to eat venomous snakes they are more likely to make friends with and even hibernate among venomous snakes.
  • Black Rat Snakes can NOT breed with Copperheads. I have always heard this but when fact-checking I discovered this is not true at all. Can’t happen.

So What Do You Do About Black Snakes In Your Home

First, If you know where it is close it in. Make sure you barricade any exits and wait for help.

Second, call for help. Wildlife control can bring a trap and take care of it for you.

Nisus Snake Out Snake Repellent 779135

Use the Nison Snake Out Snake Repellent and form a barrier around your home.

Finally, whatever tasty rodent treat the Black Rat Snakes are after (in my case flying squirrels) get rid of those too. Ask Wildlife Control to help you get rid of the source of attraction and that should take care of it for you!

I Recommend Roger’s Wildlife Control For Black Snake Removal

Wildlife Control guys can get pricey but to avoid a nasty bite or endangering someone in your family it is worth it. The best thing to do is to get ready before snake season begins by applying repellent, clearing your yard of any tempting habitats like woodpiles, and working to control your rodent populations. But if you find yourself with actual snakes in your home, it’s time to call the experts.

Wildlife Control

Call Wildlife Control Experts Today at 423-571-9092

Have a story about a snake in your house? Or a tip about to get rid of them? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. We love to hear from you!

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  1. If you happen to have encounter problems like this then make an immediate call for animal control to act fast on it since snake isn’t a just a small thing and can possibly hurt you very serious.

  2. Yes, last month I also have faced the same problem when I found a rat snake in my home. I use the same technique you shared in this article because I hate to kill an animal and thought the animal also has the same right to live on this planet as humans.

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