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Blogs I Love – The Best Blogs For Moms Like Me

The Best Blogs Out There

My personal favorites.

As a blogger, I read a lot of blogs! Below is my collection of Blogs that I completely adore! These are the ones that I always open a new post from. I have a wide range of interests. I like to eat a lot. I love food. Laughing is high on my list of favorite things to do. I enjoy photography and art. Science fascinates me. So my list is longer than what you see here but these are my very, very favorite blogs.

Blogs To Follow

Hifalutin Homeschooler

I adore Jennifer. She makes me laugh out loud. My very favorite post ever written about the homeschooling life was written by her, We Burned Down The Kitchen For Science Fair This Year. Hilarious! Jennifer is so real and so funny but she also has some really good advice for every homeschooler. You simply have to read her blog.

The Pioneer Woman

Ok, so probably everyone reads Ree’s blog. But I loved her before she carried my current dishware in Walmart’s across America. Maybe for the same reason, I love Jennifer so much. She’s hilarious and she keeps it real. Also, I love to cook and her flavors are the ones my family adores. It is thanks to Ree that w have mastered The Sunday Pot Roast. And she is also the reason why even my measuring cups are adorable! You all know how I am about the little details. Ree gets me.

Cookie + Kate

I found this amazing trove of spectacular recipes after failing at many other sites in my mission to find vegetarian dishes that I adore. T instituted Meatless Monday. Which grew to Meatless Monday and Meatless Wednesday (which is less catchy to say). Kate is a nutritionist and Cookie is her precious pup. I show up for their story too.

Not Without Salt

Ashley is another of my culinary heroes. I discovered her shortly after I discovered my love for Brussel sprouts. Don’t judge me. Her dishes are amazing!

Cherish 365

With Pages titles things like Make A Difference, Love The World, Cherish The Moment, and Leave A Legacy, you know why I adore this blog without asking. What is it with amazing Jennifer’s already? Seriously, I love her voice, her content, and her intent.

The EveryGirl

This blog is less personal than the others I have shared so far but it’s valuable because of the rage of content and the quality of the content. Everything from career and finance to fashion and beauty to travel and wellness and shopping. Good stuff.

IFL Science

Cause I’m a big nerd and I’m not ashamed of it. Environment, Chemistry, Space, Health and Medicine, The Brain, Physics, Plants, and Animals!!!! Come ON!!! This is my kind of reading.

How Stuff Works

The very questions that keep me up at night are all answered on this amazing blog! I mean seriously, how long should you use your bathroom towel before washing it?  Is Coconut Oil a superfood or is it poison and why is there so much conflicting information on the matter? And are police robots a real thing? If you have a three-year-old, or like me, the three-year-old inside of you has never stopped asking questions, this is your blog!

Sally’s Baking Addiction

Every single truly amazing baking success I have had I credit to Sally. I’ve been following her blog forever and I have prepared more of her recipes than any other single chef. She’s my culinary hero.

Sally Clarkson

I know first Jennifer’s, and now on to my favorite Sally’s. I fell in love with Sally Clarkson’s books first. Owning Your Own Life was a life changer for me. I even wrote about it right here. And then The Life-Giving Home changed things for me again. Every time I came in contact with Sally Clarkson, I learned really valuable lessons. Soon, I started following her blog and listening to her podcasts.


I love Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna Gaines have inspired me to try new things with my home I never would have without them. Their blog is amazing. To me, it’s all about your home. From the food you put on your table to the paint, you put on your walls. I love this family!

Photo Focus

I am a total Shutter Bug. I adore photography. Capturing life is an art and this is among my very favorite mediums. Photo Focus keeps me inspired.

Joe McNally

I follow his blog because it inspires me to set the stage with my photography and is another source of inspiration that pushes me to try harder at my craft. Plus, gorgeous images. Gorgeous!!!!

The Photo Argus

This site is a dream. Screen after screen of captures. It motivates and inspires me and reminds me why I love photography so much!

Let’s Make Art

Sarah Cray is the reason I love to paint watercolor. She makes it so easy and so much fun. I love her LIVES and online tutorials. She has the best attitude about art and she has fun. I love Let’s Make Art!

The Art Sherpa

Cinnamon has led me through the painting of my very favorite acrylic works. She is fun. She paints in the style I want to paint and her tutorials are fun.

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