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Lesson plans we use for home school. Covering a variety of subjects for elementary and middle school students.

How to teach your kids good manners

How To Teach Good Manners To Your Kids

Teaching good manners to your kids will help you raise polite kids with important skills that will follow them through life. This post contains ten important manners to teach, tips on how to teach them, and two free star charts to encourage your kids to start practicing good manners today.

How To Start A Nature Journal With Your Kids

How To Start A Nature Journal With Your Kids

Nature Journaling together is a great way to learn all about the importance of spending time outdoors while observing the life that exists all around us. As we experience the natural world, we are reminded of the need to protect it and inspired to think of the ways we can help. This kind of journaling is also a wonderful way to work on your child’s art skills, observation skills, and writing. Furthermore, time in nature is good for mental health. There are just so many reasons to start nature journaling with your family.