National Day Of Prayer Printable Workbook

National Day of Prayer Preparation Workbook

National Day of Prayer Preparation Workbook Help Your Students Prepare for National Day of Prayer The first Thursday in May is a very special day. It is National Day of Prayer. National Day of Prayer dates back to 1787 when Benjamin Franklin asked President George Washington to begin each day with prayer and to realize […]

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Galaxy Slimy Gloop Review

Making Galaxy Slimygloop

Making Galaxy Slimygloop A Fun Homeschool Project That Teaches Chemical Reaction We do a lot of hard work in our homeschool. We have taken on some pretty serious Science Experiments. But this week I thought maybe we could take some of our Science time and just have fun! And we did! We made Galaxy Slimygloop! […]

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2019 Student Goal Setting Worksheet

2019 Student Goal Setting Worksheet Free Printable 2019 Student Goal Setting Worksheet Happy New Year! We have a lot of goal setting happen in our homeschool. We start our homeschool day by writing down three things we are grateful for and three things we would like to accomplish that day. It makes for a good […]

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Gratitude Printable

I am Grateful For – Free Worksheet

I Am Grateful For… Free Printable Gratitude Worksheet With Thanksgiving just around the corner, this is the perfect time to focus our students on Gratitude. This free printable Gratitude Worksheet gets them focused on their blessings. Print yours today. This fun printable includes nine great thought-provoking questions to help students recognize the many blessings they […]

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