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Christmas Kindness

Christmas Kindness

Simple Ways to Share Christmas Kindness

The easiest and longest lasting gift you can present is a kindness. People always remember kindness. It lifts them up in a way nothing else can.  Christmas-Time is all about lifting each other up with love. It is about giving with grace and putting others ahead of ourselves. It’s about celebrating our blessings. It is about shining light into all the dark places we can reach. It is about sharing joy. It is beautiful. If ever there was a season for Kindness, then we are in it now.

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Kindness Defined:

Webster provides these telling synonyms for Kindness:

Synonyms: benevolence, boon, courtesy, grace, indulgence, favor, mercy, service, turn


How Do We Share Christmas Kindness?

The holding of a door, an easy smile for a stranger, a kind word… No gesture is too small.

A List Of Christmas Kindness Ideas

  1. Clear your bookshelves and donate what won’t be missed to your local public library or children’s hospital.
  2. Thank your local fire department with cookies and milk. This time of year they work especially hard, risking their lives for the people of our communities. It’s nice to let them know we appreciate all they do.
  3. Give away old toys. It never fails that a few of T’s gifts never get opened and others experience very little playtime. These can and should be donated. T and I always donate ours to the local Coalition for Kids but you can also offer to give them away on Craigslist or drop them in a donation box at your local Walmart.
  4. Leave $1 bills around the toy department in the Dollar Tree.
  5. Leave treats for your Postal Carrier, UPS and Fed Ex Drivers. They get so much chocolate that we usually give bags of beef jerky. Last year we left out a big basket full of drinks and packaged treats so they could pick what they wanted. Just a small gesture but it always makes them smile.

For your inspiration….

My Favorite Videos of Christmas Kindness:

A little gift means a lot!

The gift of song…

More Ideas On How To Spread Kindness

There are so many ways to spread Christmas Kindness. Check out this Gift Guide Post on Gifts That Give Back or more ideas on this post, Teaching Kindness. Or see how we celebrated World Kindness Day last month.

My Christmas wish for you… that you may receive countless acts of Christmas Kindness and endless options to pay it forward all year-long.  Be blessed.

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Christmas Kindness Ideas

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