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Coronavirus Journal – A Healthy Outlet For Dealing With The Pandemic

Coronavirus Journal – A Healthy Outlet For Dealing With The Pandemic

So, you remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about how the coronavirus was really starting to freak me out? I mentioned how twice in one day I had that icy fingers crawling up my spine sensation that usually only comes in times of great danger? I wondered if I was overacting. Well, I think we can all agree now that I had good reason to sense that dread. Because it’s here.

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Since my last post about this, the coronavirus has been deemed a worldwide pandemic. Everything has canceled. Schools have been canceled for weeks, no gatherings over 10 people are allowed, Disney land has shut its doors, the cruise lines are completely down, no one is traveling anywhere. The grocery store is out of everything. It all started with a great toilet paper shortage and then hand sanitizer and now canned goods and meat. My weekly grocery pick-up service which you usually have to give about eight hours notice is now 19 days out. And my last pick up I only got a little of what I had ordered. 28 items out of the 39 on my list were out of stock. If you try to buy from Amazon then you put something in your cart and by the time you check out it is gone. It’s really pretty scary.

My Journal Free Printable Journal with 15 writing prompts and art space for students to record their personal experience with the 2020 coronavirus

The Coronavirus Journal Idea

The country has been asked to stay indoors unless it is absolutely necessary to be outside. Mr. Wonderful is working from home and T and I continue with homeschool. I saw an assignment online where schools were asking their kids to start a daily journal about their personal experience with the coronavirus pandemic. So I assigned it to T also.

I started thinking about how I had dealt with the death of my father when I was a little eight-year-old girl. And I remembered taking my journal out to the apple tree or down to the creek or into my closet on rainy days and then spilling all that pain out of me and onto the page before it had a chance to creep out my eyes. I was always worried about upsetting my mother or my sisters by showing my grief. And I didn’t want my friends to feel weird around me so I tried to play it off with them too that I was doing fine. But I was not doing fine. Not even close. So I bled through the ink of my pen onto the pages of my journal and it helped me heal. I could be totally honest about how I felt and how I was experiencing the trauma of it all. I want our kids to have a safe place to spill their feelings right now too. This chaos and upheaval is upsetting. Everyone is afraid on some level. Let’s give our kids a safe place to spill their thoughts, opinions, and feelings.

Earlier this week I created a little workbook called Faith Over Fear for teens experiencing anxiety. I put in it a page for counting blessings, a page to write a letter to yourself, an art assignment where you create your own personal shield, and a list of scripture I know have helped stand me back up when fear or anxiety has knocked me down. And now, I have taken that a step further. I designed a list of daily writing prompts to help kids and teens and adults too handle the emotions and experiences we are all trying to navigate right now. I’m hoping it will help all of us heal.

You can get a printable list of the daily prompts only or download the entire printable journal with writing prompts and art space right here:

My Journal Free Printable Journal with 15 writing prompts and art space for students to record their personal experience with the 2020 coronavirus

Journal Writing Prompts for Coronavirus Pandemic


Here is the link to my Facebook Page.


Wishing you all good health, moments that become memories you treasure forever, and good health. Take care of each other, my friends!


Be blessed,


Joshua 1:9

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Faith Over Fear Workbook

Faith Over Fear Workbook

Designed For Teens and Creative Adults Experiencing Anxiety

This printable workbook encourages you to count your blessings, get creative, spill it all,  and find your calm within the storm. Simple activities that allow us to slow down, take a closer look, and heal with gratitude.

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Printable Journal and/or Writing Prompts for creating a record of your experience with the coronavirus

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