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Ten Genuinely Fun Date Ideas Perfect for Spring Romance

Spring is here and with it arrives the opportunity for us to once again enjoy outdoor dates! Let’s talk about the best date ideas for couples to enjoy this spring. You can strengthen your relationship and make your love story even more beautiful by sharing your time and experiences with one another. So, grab your calendar and get ready for some seriously cute date ideas that will have your better half praising your efforts.

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Top Ten Spring Date Ideas

  1. The picnic.
  2. The bike ride.
  3. Visit a National Park.
  4. Visit the zoo.
  5. Fly kites.
  6. Visit an ice cream parlor.
  7. Visit a botanical garden.
  8. Attend an outdoor concert.
  9. Plan a weekend getaway.
  10. Plant something together.
Spring Date Idea One - The Picnic
Spring Date Idea One – The Picnic

The Picnic: If you are looking for a romantic date idea and you like to eat, this is your date! Toss a bottle of wine, some cheese, bread, fruit, and deli slices into a picnic basket and head to your closest lake. Throw down a blanket, open the basket, and enjoy a few hours just relaxing and enjoying the season together.

Spring Date Idea Two - The Bike Ride
Spring Date Idea Two – The Bike Ride

The Bike Ride: You could rent a tandem bicycle and hit the trails. You probably should. Or you could each have your own bike and go it side by side. Rent or take your own bikes, it doesn’t matter because either way, a biking date is a perfect option for spring. The weather is ideal for biking! If you’re not sure where to go check out Trail Link for locations near you. Mr. Wonderful and I have planned a biking date on The Creeper Trail. And I can’t wait!

Spring Date Idea Three - Visit A National Park
Spring Date Idea Three – Visit A National Park

Visit a National Park: Hiking together is an amazing way to spend the day! You can hike any trail but we personally love visiting the National Parks. You can create a lasting memory with your love too. If you’re not sure what options you have check out this Find A Park site and pick a place!

Spring Date Idea Visit The Zoo
Spring Date Idea Four – Visit the Zoo

Visit the Zoo: There are baby animals at the zoo in springtime. Add a baby animal to any date and you have a winner. This is a great option in the summer too but the cooler temps in the spring make it a perfect time to spend the whole day at the zoo together. Find your closest zoo by visiting the AZA. (We visited our local zoo recently and I got to feed a baby giraffe. It was an amazing date!)

Spring Date Idea Five – Go Fly A Kite

Go Fly Kites: We visited Jockey’s Ridge in Outer Banks to fly kites once and it was so cool watching all of the kites soaring above us. We had this awesome pirate ship kite but there were also dragon kites and giant octopus kites up there. It was just so much fun. Even if it is just the two of you, picking out your kites and taking the time to fly them together makes for a great date day!

Spring Date Idea Six - Visit An Ice Cream Parlor
Spring Date Idea Six – Visit An Ice Cream Parlor

Visit an Ice Cream Parlor: We live right outside Jonesborough Tennessee. It’s one of the oldest towns in Tennessee but that’s not what makes it so awesome. No, it’s the merchants. Among them is an ice cream parlor that has one of those pianos you put a quarter in and it plays songs ghost style. The ice cream is old school too and I’m partial to their Rootbeer Float but regardless of your flavor, some nostalgia, and some good food make for a great date.

Spring Date Idea Seven – Visit A Botanical Garden

Visit a Botanical Garden: I can practically see a bunch of you rolling your eyes at this one but I assure you, this can be a great date! There is something so relaxing about this date. You are surrounded by all of this life, and whether you believe it or not, Science has proven there is a human-plant connection that is soothing. You can learn a lot about plants, but also history, innovation, and endangered species. Plus, botanical gardens often present an opportunity for an affordable date day. Try it! Find your local botanical garden here.

Spring Date Idea Eight - Attend An Outdoor Concert
Spring Date Idea Eight – Attend An Outdoor Concert

Attend An Outdoor Concert: Regardless of whether you are into the symphony or Pearl Jam Cover Bands, going to an outdoor concert is a lot of fun! Dinner and a show. Timeless.

Spring Date Idea Nine - Book A BNB
Spring Date Idea Nine – Book A BNB

Plan a Weekend Getaway: Rent a cabin in the woods, book a weekend at a hotel and spa, or reserve a B&B on the shore. You really can’t go wrong. Whatever destination choice you make, a weekend away is good for your love story. I’m planning one now to Highlands, North Carolina. We adore this little town and it is the perfect romantic getaway. But you do you!

Spring Date Idea Ten – Plant Something Together

Plant Something Together: A tree, a rose bush, a flower of any form, even a tomato plant can offer some quality time together. Take the time to visit a greenhouse, maybe attend a class on gardening or landscaping, and then dig in to the experience. If you don’t have a green thumb ask for something hardy that doesn’t require much from you. I suggest herbs like mint or thyme. Regardless of your skill, every couple can enjoy this experience together.

Ok, there you have them. Ten awesome date ideas perfect for spring. While you are inspired book the getaway, buy the tickets, text your other half about the plans you are making and bring these experiences into your reality. It’s so important that we invest our time and attention into our relationships. Love is all that really matters in the end.

Have a great spring date idea or did you just decide to take part in one? Share in the comments section below. You must just inspire the next person in here. Plus, we love to hear from you!

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