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Our Day Trip To Boone North Carolina

Our Day Trip To Boone North Carolina

Boone North Carolina Delivers A Family Friendly Day Away

I love it when my husband surprises me! Yesterday, he did exactly that. I was over at my mother-in-law’s house when I received a text.

Mr. Wonderful: Banner Elk or Boone?

Me: Yay!  Boone!

Mr. Wonderful: You want to go?

Me: So bad!

Mr. Wonderful: Are you on your way home yet?

I was. Ten minutes later we were on the road!  The drive there is gorgeous. The streets weave as though a snake laid them. They follow a route where the lake lies on one side and wave after wave of mountains guard the other. It truly is a beautiful drive.

We wanted to have BBQ so we checked online and found McKethan Brothers barbeque had great reviews.


The atmosphere was quiet as the locals started to trickle in. I loved this display of Edison bulbs.


I also loved their fried pickle spears! My blackened chicken sandwich was just ok but Mr. Wonderful said the BBQ was awesome and T loved his pizza! Our server was friendly and took great care of us.

After dinner, we headed into town and were greeted by this guy.


Check out that friendly grin!  There was a musician across the street playing the banjo and singing too. T gave her his last quarter. From there we went to Mast General Store and we had a blast in there!  We found ourself in Candy Land.



T collects metal signs and there were plenty of those too!


Mast General Store was two levels of awesome but they closed at six so we headed down the road and found shop after shop worth browsing.


It wasn’t long until we found a place that had signs that appealed to me! 🙂


And check out some of the art these locals create!  I bet these people are a lot of fun!



Soon, we realized we were running out of daylight. We made one last essential stop.


I ordered an iced coffee, red eye brew with a shot of espresso!  It was awesome and allowed me plenty of time to relive the memories we made because I was still wired at 3 am this morning which Mr. Wonderful found quite amusing.

Anyway, if you are within an hour or so of Boone, I advise you to go get in your car and head on over. The drive will be lovely and you can’t help but enjoy the mood in Boone. The art, the creativity and the candy are each worth the trip but combined you have a great family get away anyone can squeeze into their weekend.


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