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Eat Like The Locals – Asian Cafe 1 Review

Eat Like The Locals – Asian Cafe 1

A Beautiful Restaurant Serving Amazing Dishes!

The Tri-Cities offers so many places to eat! Which is awesome because as a family of foodies, we love to eat out. We decided to include this series of local restaurant reviews on the blog so that we can spare you the less than awesome restaurant destinations (we have found a few) and direct you to our favorite restaurants where you can really enjoy the food!

This week we are reviewing Asian Cafe 1 Hibachi Grill and Sushi Bar. We love this place! This makes for a fun family dinner! You can enjoy your meal and entertainment if you choose to watch them cook in front of you, which we often do! T thinks their knife work is stellar! I’m partial to their hats 🙂 Mr. Wonderful just loves the flavors.

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While family nights out are great here we also enjoy going to Asian Cafe 1 for date nights. The restaurant is lovely! Deep wood, beautiful art, giant lanterns, and exposed brick all come together to create a warm atmosphere plus the service is great!

Let’s Talk About The Menu at Asian Cafe 1

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Lunch Time Awesomeness – The Bento Box

If you are looking for an awesome lunch we recommend the Bento Box. Before discovering Asian Cafe 1 I didn’t know what a Bento Box was. Mr. Wonderful had told me that the next time I ran by Sam’s Club or stopped in at Barnes and Noble that I should run into Asian Cafe 1 and get a Bento Box.

Wikipedia Defines The Bento Box:Bento (弁当bentō)[1] is a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento holds rice or noodles, fish or meat, with pickled and cooked vegetables, in a box.

At Asian Cafe 1 you can get your own Bento Box for less than $10 and it includes salad, crab rangoon (2 pieces), California Rolls (4 pieces), and rice (steamed, brown, or fried). You can choose between Tofu (teriyaki, tempura, sesame, or General Tso’s), Chicken (teriyaki, tempura, sesame, katsu, or General Tso’s), Shrimp (tempura or teriyaki), Beef teriyaki. or Salmon teriyaki.

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Spectacular Sushi

Their Signature Sushi Bar offers twenty delightful options. If you would prefer a roll or handroll (like me) then you have over twenty options to choose from. The California Roll is my favorite and the Crab Rangoon Roll Is T’s favorite.


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Wondering  – What Is The Difference Between A Roll and A Hand Roll?

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Asian Cafe 1 offers many options of sushi and sashimi a la carte or in meals. You can view all the many options here.

Wondering – What is the difference between sushi and sashimi?

According to Diffen:

Sashimi is thinly sliced raw meat—usually fish, such as salmon or tuna—that is served without rice. Sushi is not raw fish, but rather vinegared rice that is mixed with other ingredients, which may or may not include raw fish.

(Read Full Article with Comparison Chart Here)

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The Hibachi Grill

This is where the fun is happening at Asian Cafe 1! The chefs are so entertaining and the flavor is outstanding!

The Hibachi dinner includes soup, salad, rice or lo-mein. shrimp appetizer, veggies, and your choice of either Vegetable Delight, Chicken, Tofu, Steak, Shrimp, Calamari, Filet Mignon, Tuna, Salmon, Swordfish, Scallop, Lobster Tail, or your choice of combination!

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Kitchen Signature Entrees

Finally, we get to the part of the menu I am determined to work my way through, item by item. Did you ever wonder how good real Ramen is? These menu items take your taste buds around Asia. Ever wanted to try Indonesian Pho, Spicy Asian Curry, or find out what exactly Bakmi or Bihun is?

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Asian Cafe 1 Specials:

Hibachi Night: Tuesday 4pm-9pm

Single Meat (Chicken/Shrimp/Steak/Veggies) at $9.99

Hibachi Combo: Any Two Meat from Chicken, Shrimp, Steak and Veggies at $13.99

Sushi Night: Wednesday 4pm-9pm

$3.99 per basic roll

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Location and Contact Information for Asian Cafe 1

Location: 3020 Franklin Terrace – Suite 6 – Johnson City, TN 37604

Phone: 423-722-3838


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