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Eat Like The Locals – Hokie Smokies Review

Eat Like The Locals – Hokie Smokies Review

The Best Brisket Around Is At Hokie Smokies

We are foodies! We have eaten just about everywhere in the Tri-Cities at least once over the last eight years. We have also been known to cross state lines on more than one occasion to visit a restaurant that has caught our eye. Because of this, we often have our friends and family asking us for recommendations on where to eat. So I have decided to add a section on our blog that covers some of our favorite places to dine in the Tri-Cities and beyond.

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This weekend the weather was warm and when it came time for dinner we were all three in agreement that we wanted barbeque. Now, there are some really good places to get some barbeque in the Tri-Cities.

Ridgewood Barbeque is absolutely fantastic! But we wanted to spend some family time in town after dinner and Ridgewood is in the middle of nowhere. Bristol BBQ is also one of the best places around for Barbeque! No question. But they don’t offer inside seating and we wanted to sit down together. We also love The Firehouse Restaurant. We are huge fans but Mr. Wonderful was in the mood for brisket and you can not beat The Hokie Smokie Restaurant for brisket! Hokie Smokies happens to offer an amazing house barbeque sauce and the most tender brisket around here.

They have some really fun appetizers such as amazing fried pickles and a collard green dip but you can not beat their brisket bites! Tender, flavorful, and flat out awesome!

The Best Brisket In Town

T loves their wings. He gets the Hot and Spicy Wings! Too hot for me but he likes super spicy. The Hokie Smokie Restaurant offers several different options in their wings. Both of the guys agree that their wings are awesome.

Hokie Smokies Hot Wings

Mr. Wonderful got the Beef Brisket Entree with the Cowboy Beans and French Fries. The brisket is so tender you can barely keep it on the fork. It is perfectly smoked and super juicy. Just so good, guys!

Hokie Smokies Beef Brisket

I could not decide. I almost got the Char-Grilled Chicken Sandwich but I couldn’t eat at Hokie Smokies and not have the brisket. It just seemed so wrong. So then I decided to get the Hokie Smokie Spud, a giant potato hooked up and loaded with brisket. But I knew I couldn’t finish one of those. They are truly massive. I finally settled on the Quesadilla with brisket. And it was really good! T ended up really liking it and he ate at least half of it. He’s a bottomless pit these days.

Hokie Smokies Brisket Quesadilla

If you are looking for super good barbeque and are in the mood for brisket you need to check out The Hokie Smokie Restaurant. It’s across from the mall, one driveway up from Jersey Mikes. It’s a small place and it’s super casual. We’ve discovered in our culinary adventures that sometimes it is the most beautiful places that have the best food but most of the time its these little family owned places that really nail it. That’s the case, here.

Here are the details on The Hokie Smokie Restaurant:

The website and the menu are here.

Address: 2104 W. Mountcastle Drive – Johnson City, Tn. 37604

Hours: Open Monday through Saturday, 11 am – 11 pm.

Phone: 423-232-0801

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