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Embrace Change

I have experienced a lot of change throughout my life. But over the last five years, this change has been different. It has led me on to brighter paths, greater love, deeper happiness and sincere contentment. Five years ago I met the love of the life. I met a real man. A man with faith, honesty, strength, intelligence, determination, kindness and generosity. He treats me better than anyone ever has. He makes me feel beautiful and smart. He believes in my dreams and encourages me to reach for them. We married and I moved to a new town which feels more like home then the last three houses I lived in. I left my job after more than a decade. This change has opened so many doors for me. I started to write again. The world stopped being repetitive and uninspired and I suddenly felt more alive than ever. Common Core curriculum entered T’s school and felt like a really bad change so we started to home school, an amazing change that I truly believe has altered my son’s future for the better.


Change at first glance appears to be a scary word. Humans fear change. But for those who overcome the fear and embrace change can come to know that every face has two sides. The flip side to change is brighter paths, greater love, deeper happiness and sincere contentment.

My advice, embrace it 🙂


Note: This post is inspired by Lisa-Jo Baker’s, Five Minute Friday, a blog which inspires us to write from a keyword prompt for five minutes. We forget the rules of writing, the proofing and editing and just let it fly. Join by visiting her Facebook Page here and visiting her site here.


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