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How To Have An Epic Bonfire Party

How To Have An Epic Bonfire Party!

Tips and Tricks From Pinterest To Make Your Bonfire Party Memorable!

It is almost summer and one of my favorite parts of summer is the long, lazy nights. I personally love to spend them gathered with family and friends around a fire pit, marshmallow sticks in hand and music playing. There is something about this setting that inevitably leads to storytelling and memory-making. It’s peaceful sitting there under star-filled skies, a blanket around your shoulders and a hay bale beneath you.

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Here is a list of my minimal requirements for an awesome night at the bonfire.

  • A fully stocked S’More’s Bar
  • Sparklers
  • Blankets
  • Drinks and Snacks
  • A great playlist

Bonfire Party Essential Foods

S'mores Bars Ideas

Smores Bar

The first must-have is a S’Mores Bar!  You can also have a Chili Bar or a Popcorn Bar too and some hot dogs ready to be roasted, but you must have a S’Mores Bar and keep it interesting with some fun combinations like The Nutty Buddy which uses a Reese’s Cup in place of a Hershey Bar.  Here are some tried and true smores recipe ideas I like to use.

  • The Classic: Graham Cracker – Hershey’s chocolate – Marshmallow
  • The Jiminy Cricket – Keebler Grasshopper cookies – Hershey’s chocolate – Marshmallow
  • The Elvis Presley – Graham Cracker – Peanut Butter – Banana – Marshmallow
  • The Nutty Buddy – Graham Cracker – Reeses Cup – Marshmallow
  • The S’Moreo – Oreos – Hershey’s chocolate – Marshmallow
  • The Cookie Monster – Chocolate Chip Cookies – Hershey’s chocolate – Marshmallow
  • The Black Forest – Cherry – Chocolate Graham Crackers – The Lindt Cherry Intense Chocolate – Marshmallows
  • The Banana Split – Shortbread Cookies – Banana Slices – Lindt Cherry Intense Chocolate – Strawberry Marshmallow
  • The Ginger – Gingerbread cookies – Hershey Chocolate – Marshmallow
  • The Banana Cream – Nilla Wafers – Banana Slices – Marshmallow
  • The Milano – Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies – Marshmallow

And check out this adorable printable with even more ideas…

Best Smores Ideas

Also, check out these other fun foods you can make if you are doing a smaller scale fire for your party!

Bonfire Party Entertainment


Second, I think you need Sparklers!  I don’t care how old you are, there is something that happens when you give a person a sparkler that instantly transforms them, releasing the child within. Every truly great bonfire consists of a few moments where people are drawing their names in the air and running through the grass waving it around them. Sparklers create laughter! I also like to have glow sticks and bubbles on hand too. All things I am convinced no one every truly outgrows. Fun for all ages.

Fun, Games, Guitar, & Ghost Stories

Bonfire Party Entertainment ideas

Bonfire Party Games

Speaking of fun… If you have enough lighting you need to have games. We usually get the party started before the sun fully sets. But, if you don’t have enough lighting you can still have a great party by adding strategically placed Tiki torches or a whole lot of twinkle lights – so the games can go on. Some of our favorites outdoor games are horseshoes or corn hole! We also discovered a light-up frisbee that is ridiculously fun! And, if you start early enough, a game of croquet can be really fun too!

Also, you may want to check out this video with some other fun ideas for games you can play as a group.

Calling all musicians… We always try to have a few guitars sitting around because music is a big part of our family and you can guarantee someone will pick it up and start picking. But, if you do not have anyone coming that is likely to play, a great playlist should be ready.

Make way for the storytellers… Most of the time conversation will flow without any help whatsoever and that’s great. But, some nights things can get a little quiet. It’s a great idea to have someone ready to share a story or two. Everything from the funniest thing that ever happened to me stories, to ghost stories, can add so much to the creation of a memorable night.

Great Seating Is Essential For A Good Bonfire Party

Seating options matter!  We like these benches that also turn into small tables for game playing or eating but you can always use the traditional blanket covered hay bales, just be sure your blankets are thick. Add a basket full of throws. Even the warmest summer nights are better when you are cuddled up.

30+ Fabulous Outdoor Decorating Ideas to Host a Fall Party

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GUYS! These Eddie Bauer Throws are PERFECT for bonfires (and every other chilly night all year long) and they are on sale right now! Big sale! Get yours here!

Great Drinks For Your Bonfire Party

Hot Chocolate Recipes

Finally, you need something to drink! For colder nights you can’t beat cocoa! But there are plenty of other amazing hot drinks for adults and kids alike that add the perfect touch to your Bonfire Party.

  • Hot cocoa all hooked up with whipped cream topping (and for the adults a shot of Kahlua)
  • Hot Apple Cider (I like this recipe from Bon Appetit)
  • A good Fall Coffe
  • Harvest Punch

Actually, I have a Great List of My Top Fifteen Fall Drink Recipes for you to check out! Yum!

Top Fifteen Fall Drink Recipes including coffee and cider recipes

And there you have the makings of an awesome Bonfire Party.  There are so many other fun ideas you can do too so be sure to check out my Pinterest Board for those.

What is your favorite bonfire must-have? Please share in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

Check this out for more ideas- Pinterest board with a collection of my favorite bonfire ideas!

Bonfire Party Checklist:

Bonfire Party List

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