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Fall In The Forest – Fun Printable Worksheet Collection

Fall In The Forest – Fun Printable Worksheet Collection

Fall-Themed Printable Worksheets for Students

Happy Fall, Y’all! I absolutely love this season. The colors, the smells, and the flavors of autumn combine to create pure bliss. It is in the spirit of all my favorite things Fall that I have designed this new collection of fall-themed printable worksheets. These sheets can be used all season long but I always try to have some of these types of worksheets on hand for those last few days of school before Fall Break.

You know, when your students are getting extra wiggly in their chairs and you are wondering if you should start a new chapter or wait until after the break, and everyone is focused on the taste of pie and the vacation ahead.

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These are suitable for a great range of age groups. As long as they can create a good short story, enjoy eating, like to do fun stuff, and have reasons to be grateful, this is their Fall Fun Pack. Adorned with sweet forest animals and bright fall colors, everyone will smile at these handouts.  Enjoy!

Printable Fall Worksheet Page One: Fall In The Forest Visual Writing Prompt:

Use the fall scene in the image above as a writing prompt to create a fun short story.

Printable Fall Worksheet Page Two: My Fall Bucket List:

Each student creates their own Fall Bucket List, including ideas like making s’ mores, carving a jack-o-lantern, visiting the apple orchard, drinking lots of hot cocoa, etc. There is also space for the student to sketch themselves doing their favorite fall activity.

Printable Fall Worksheet Page Three: Thanksgiving Dinner Handout

Each child selects which popular Thanksgiving foods they would like to see on the table this year. They also brainstorm three things they would serve if they were the chef that aren’t already on the list.

Printable Fall Worksheet Page Three: I am grateful for…

This handout gives each student the chance to pause and count their blessings. They will create lists of people, places, things they love as well as three things they love about themselves and more. At the bottom is space for students to draw a sketch of something or someone they are especially grateful for.

Available to print in my shop right now. Click here to get yours.

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Four Printable Fall Themed Worksheets

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