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Fun Fall Worksheets From Geez, Gwen!

A Collection of Educational Fall Resources for Your Homeschool Including Many Free Resources

Fall is in the air! This is my favorite season because the weather is perfect for long hikes, the trees are all dressed up so lovely, and the flavors of this season are my favorite of them all. Because of my love for Fall, I have created several fall-themed worksheets and resources for your homeschool including several fun fall freebies. Let’s dig in!

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Fun Fall Resources for Your Homeschool

Hello, Harvest Moon Book-Inspired Learning Pack

I love this book. It’s beautiful, the words & the pictures are art.

The study includes these charming leaf identification cards that are perfect for fall hikes. The Scavenger Hunt is so much fun. Plus the Luna Moth study đź’š

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Gratitude Jar Project

Start a new family tradition with this fun Gratitude Jar Craft! This set includes five beautifully designed labels, three pages of blank gratitude slips, and step-by-step instructions.

Spend a few minutes every day in October having everyone write down something they are grateful for. Open and share on Thanksgiving!

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Fall Learning Packet

This collection of truly adorable worksheets targets Pre-K and Kindergarten learners.

Topics include first sounds, last sounds, spelling, patterns, counting, and more.

Themed for the season, this packet makes learning the basics a whole lot of fun. 22 Worksheets included.

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My Fall Poetry Packet

I adore poetry. I believe it is one of the best tools available for self-expression. Writers can share how they feel, and what they love, fear, hope, and dream for in so many ways through this process.

This collection of worksheets shows students how to brainstorm and write a free verse poem, a couplet, and an Acrostic poem.

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All About Photosynthesis Packet

This educational ten-page workbook educates students in 4th through 6th grade all about photosynthesis!

Beautifully designed pages include an introduction to photosynthesis & chlorophyll, a how trees eat diagram, a simple experiment, vocabulary, and a word search plus more.

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Illustrated Writing Prompt Cards

This collection of fall writing prompts will inspire even reluctant writers. Each card contains a small autumn visual as well as a written writing prompt. Various themes for various age groups are included making this the perfect set for homeschool classrooms teaching multiple grade levels.

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Fall Bucket List

This fun bucket list is adorable on your fridge! We love the inspiration it provides to help us make the most of the season and checking off the little circles next to an item is incredibly satisfying.

This works great in your homeschool space as well! Let kids choose one as a reward for hard work or as a field trip selection!

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Fall Scavenger Hunt

This Fall Scavenger Hunt is a favorite of kids of all ages. The illustrations invite even the youngest learners to seek the signs of fall while older kids have just as much fun hunting down the items.

This fun fall activity gets everyone outside and encourages observation skills as kids slow down and look closer at the wonder around them.

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Teaching Gratitude Bundle

Gratitude leads to happiness. Big statement – yes! Scientifically proven, yes again! Owning a sense of gratitude & taking time to cultivate it does have an impact on well-being which will certainly affect our child’s whole life. These resources are designed to make the job easy & fun.

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Leaf Ballerina Craft

Print these ballerina sketches out and then simply add leaves to create an adorable and fun fall craft with your kids.

A nature hike, some colored pencils, and a glue stick are all you need to create these beautiful ballerinas.

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30-Day Gratitude Challenge

This fun 30 Days of Gratitude list of writing prompts is perfect for any kind of 30-day Thankful Challenge. Whether it be writing prompts, photography, or art, however, you choose to focus on your blessings, these inspirational ideas can help you stay on track or inspire you when you need some help deciding what you might focus on.

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Gratitude Journal Pages for Kids

Help your kids start a new practice of journaling with these eight pages focused on Gratitude.

This collection includes writing prompts, coloring pages, inspirational quotes, and more. Everything you need to get them started on this powerful practice!

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Fall In The Forest Worksheets

This collection of four fun fall-themed worksheets are perfect for elementary students just before the Thanksgiving Break!

This set includes a story starter, a fall bucket list exercise, a Thanksgiving Dinner worksheet, and a Gratitude List with prompts.

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Counting Blessings Activity Packet

This beautiful packet encourages kids to count their blessings and create a beautiful Gratitude Banner for their bedroom, mantle, desk, or classroom.

In the packet, you will find all the instructions to walk kids through this gratitude activity.

  • Includes 2 Page Gratitude List activity divided into multiple categories so that kids can count their blessings individually.
  • 16 Count My Blessings Garland Cards for writing lists, quotes, or bible verses.
  • 16 Count My Blessings Garland Cards for kids to illustrate their blessings with sketches, coloring, or painting.
  • 12 Illustrated Cards to add to everyone’s garland. Perfect for your youngest kiddos.
Gratitude Activity for Kids

Fun Fall Freebies

  1. 30 Days of Gratitude Writing Prompt Checklist for Kids
  2. Fall Counting Pack
  3. Five Fun Fall Coloring Pages for Kids
  4. Roll A Story – Writing Prompt Dice Game – Fall Theme
  5. Roll A Story Halloween Writing Prompt Dice Game
  6. Kids Fall Bucket List
  7. Gratitude Worksheet Printable
  8. Spooky Fall Writing Prompt Worksheets
  9. Gratitude Quote Print

I hope you have found plenty of wonderful things to add to your homeschool this season! Make sure you watch your email for more goodies! We release new resources all of the time and don’t want you to miss out!

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