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Feliz Naughty Dog – Make Your Pet Your Christmas Card

Feliz Naughty Dog – Make Your Pet Your Christmas Card

A Fun Christmas Card Project For Your Child!

Christmas excitement is in the air!  Big time! Keeping T focused this time of year is a serious challenge. To keep him moving forward we try to do a lot of hands on activities. When discussing what he would be interested in doing he suggested he would like to do something more with his photography. T is an awesome photographer. Check out these posts on Intro to Black and White Photography,  Learning basic photography and Photography Lesson Part 3 to see some of his work.

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Also, on the Kindness Advent Calendar I remembered a day where he was to design a Christmas card. Having passed the days of glue and glitter, I thought this could be just the thing!  So I presented him with this post as inspiration.

55 Pictures of Funny Animals Cutely Enjoying Christmas

55 Pictures of Funny Animals Cutely Enjoying Christmas

It is December again and like every year, Christmas has taken over everything… even animals! Yes, by dressing up their pets in Christmas outfits and by being super-excited about Christmas, we have all successfully excited animals about Christmas! Check out these 20 photographs of cute animals funnily enjoying Christmas! …

I then had him choose four shots he wanted to attempt for his Christmas card and then make a list of the props he would need.  After, we needed some ideas for text so I presented him with this for inspiration.

Funny Christmas Card Ideas For Your Dog

These 31 Pups Are Ready for the Holidays

Recently we asked on our Facebook page for pictures of pups getting into the holiday spirit in exchange for a paw-written note from our favorite grumpy office Schnauzer, Scout. We received an overwhelming, overflowing inbox of photo awesomeness from the BarkBox community, so Mr. Scout has his work cut out for him.

He made his choices and organized his props and was ready the next day for the shoot. Having taken adorable photos of our puppy before he was prepared to have to be very, very patient. Check out a previous shot he took.

FullSizeRender (3)

And so it was on. He finally got it!

FullSizeRender (10)

He did his editing in pixlr, which he learned last year and does pretty awesome with. Then we headed over to Vista Print to let him design it. They were smack in the middle of Cyber Week so we got 60%off.  Here is the final product!


Seriously, is that awesome or what?  This is a great project for your kids. They can feel good about giving these, knowing it was their creativity and patience combined with their love for their pet that led to their card. It’s also something they can save for years and years. I highly recommend this for homeschooling photographers and kids everywhere. In home school, this gets him an A for an Art Assignment. Can’t beat that! Plus, we had so much fun and we got T away from his books for a few hours. It’s all about loving to learn.

What was your family’s best Christmas card ever? Share in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

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