Five Minute Friday – Focus

Five Minute Friday – Focus

A weekly group writing experience.

Five  minutes of uninterrupted, unedited, raw and often personal writing with the prompt word focus and… start!

I am not naturally an organized person. It takes focus for me to make a success out of my day. I am a person that requires lists and a schedule because, without one or the other, my day will vanish while I spin in mindless circles or start a hundred things I never finish. But that’s ok. Because with a list or a schedule I can accomplish just about anything. I just need to stay focused on my goals and in putting one foot in front of the other until I reach them.

Goals for me may be big, but they are always accomplished in baby steps. If I make a run for the finish the next thing I know I am doing my twirling, What Was I Doing Dance. You too are likely well practiced at it.

Focus isn’t something that has a lot of sticky to it. Instead of maple syrup, it’s more like ice or the wind. Either slippery or impossible to capture for long. So for me, focus is just the first attempt. Followed up every time by the re-focus. The new list. The new schedule. The new straight path awaiting the twirling dancing girl to slow down and recognize it waiting there and then finally, in a move of steadfast victory take one, tiny, baby step towards it.


This is a really fun weekly activity and the writing part is just the beginning. Reading what everyone else has done is awesome too. Join us!  Find out more below by visiting Kate Motaung, the gracious hostess of this endeavor.

Kate Motaung :: Heading Home

I must apologize for not reading or commenting on many posts you’ve linked up in the past three weeks. As some of you know, I fell and split my head at the end of December, and I’m still struggling with some post-concussion symptoms. Sadly, looking at the computer screen tends to aggravate some of the symptoms, hence my limited attention to your beautiful words and my absence from some of the Thursday night #fmfparty Twitter parties!

“Never confuse motion with action.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin