Five Minute Friday – Time


Five Minute Friday- Prompt Word = TIME

Time… The ruler of our day. The holder of the keys. We wait.

We ache to grow up. We imagine the days when we can drive. The moment when we have our own place awaits. We wait until we are free from the rules of our parents. Time leaves us anxious for so many endings.

Until they have ended at least.

We ache to find love. Time goes on. We wait for graduation. For our wedding day. We dream of times to come.  We wait, helpless to do much more.

Then the first birthday of our first born! We are blessed. Every moment in time feels like magic. Then we wait for the first step. The first word. The firsts matter so much. We wait expectantly.

Time goes by. Sometimes we wait patiently. Each tick of the clock unnoticed. Time is passing. We will get there.

Sometimes we wait breathlessly. Minutes are hours long and time teases us.

Sometimes we can wait no longer. The agony in waiting is a heavy burden sometimes. While we wait for someone to return from far away. Time mocks us. Those times we wait to hear some news while we sit frozen in fear. In those times, time stands still.

Then one day we look back and realize we wasted time waiting for changes and sometimes we wish we could travel through time, back to our childhood. We wish we could return to the protection of the home that once sheltered and protected us. Rules or no rules we are suddenly aching for those long ago times when things are remembered as simpler. Even those moments of pain we thought we would want to forget forever, sometimes hold lessons. Lessons that we grew from as time went by. We treasure those moments when we fell in love or held that sweet baby. Those moments in time are burned into our hearts. Forever there, glowing, shining like stars, oblivious to time or circumstance. Unchanging, no matter how many ticks of the clock. Untouched by time.



This post is inspired by FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY! A group of writers get together. We are supplied a word prompt. We set the clock and five minutes later we have what we have. There is no editing. No rewriting. Just the sheer pleasure of writing. It’s bliss.  Check out what other writers came up with or join us!

five minute friday :: time

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