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Five Thanksgiving Traditions That Bring Families Together

Five Thanksgiving Traditions That Bring Families Together

Family Fun For After Turkey

A lot of work goes into the Thanksgiving Feast and all too often, just after the pie, family members leave to head home. This year, we would like to offer an alternative to the quick finish. Instead, how about five Thanksgiving Traditions that can bring your family closer together after the dishes are done.

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Last Years Fall Hike Up Roan Mountain

Thanksgiving Tradition Number One – The Hike

Go for a walk or a hike. After all of that food, it may sound like too much to get up and out and spend some time together outdoors. But I speak from experience when I say there are few better ways to conclude your Thanksgiving than spending time in nature. You are bound to feel gratitude for the beauty that surrounds you, the people who are joining you, and the blessing of being together. Whether you decide you would love a long hike up a mountain or a quick walk through the woods, you will be glad you took the time together.

Game Night Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Tradition Number Two – Game Night!

Game Night! T loves game night and what better time to have a great game night than when the house is full of your loved ones. Card games are a favorite with my family. If you have a large family stack a bunch of board games for the kids and let them at them while you enjoy coffee and cards. It is time well spent.

Thank you cards Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving Tradition Number Three – The Thank You Cards

Another great idea is to have everyone sit down together and think of someone who has helped them throughout the past year. Have a stack of thank you notes, pens, and stamps available and have everyone take a few minutes to write out a quick note of appreciation. After everyone has completed them go around the table and let everyone share who they chose and why (if they are comfortable sharing).

Christmas Movie Night Thanksgiving Tradition
Photo by Kushagra Kevat on Unsplash

Thanksgiving Tradition Number Four – Christmas Movie Night

Another great way to spend your lazy evening is by hosting a movie night. If everyone is sleepy and isn’t up for a walk or a game of cards, why not offer cocoa, popcorn, and a good Christmas movie. Have stacks of blankets and pillows ready for everyone. If you want to go all out you can make a cocoa bar and a popcorn bar too. Super fun and a wonderful way to end your Thanksgiving, together!

Christmas Tree Decorating Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving Tradition Number Five – Decorate The Tree

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is putting up the Christmas tree together on Thanksgiving night. I love how each ornament has a story. It is a beautiful trip down memory lane and the more the merrier for this tradition. If you are on the ball, you may conclude with some gift-wrapping after. When all is done, turn all the lights off and gather around the tree to share your favorite past Christmas or stories about your favorite Christmas, your most memorable Christmas gift, or your favorite Christmas song or story.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers. I hope you enjoy every last second of it. I hope you find ways to draw out beautiful memories together and that your home is warm and full of love all season long!

Also, on the blog is this free printable Gratitude Worksheet!

You could always print everyone off one and have them fill in the answers to questions such as; I am grateful for the smell of, I am grateful when I taste, someone I am grateful for, something I am grateful for, and more. Then have everyone read their answers. Or just print one and go around the table having everyone answer. It’s free, print yours here.

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