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Fun Facts And Top Inspirational Quotes By American Presidents

Fun Facts And Top Inspirational Quotes By American Presidents

All 45 American President’s Best Quotes and Interesting Facts for President’s Day

Which President called Alexander Graham Bell for help after he had been shot in an assassination attempt? Which President was the only one to have a marriage ceremony at the White House? Which President carried a dictionary with him wherever he went? Which President kept an alligator in the bathtub in the East Wing of the White House? Which President declined an invitation to Ford’s Theater by Abraham Lincoln the night he was assassinated, and lived to regret it? Which President was the only one who was never married? Find the answers to these questions and the best quotes uttered by each American President right here!

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In honor of President’s Day and my great love for inspirational quotes, I have put together this list for you! This is a great list to share with your student’s! Check it out!

1st President of the United States – George Washington

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.” – George Washington

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT GEORGE WASHINGTON: In 1755, Washington’s troops were caught in the crossfire between British and Native American soldiers. Two horses were shot from under Washington, and his coat was pierced by four musket balls, none of which hit his actual body.

2nd President of the United States – John Adams

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” – John Adams

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT JOHN ADAMS: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day – 50 years to the day from the signing of The Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson Quote

3rd President of the United States – Thomas Jefferson

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” – Thomas Jefferson

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT THOMAS JEFFERSON: Jefferson had 6,487 books in his personal library which he offered as a replacement in 1814 when the original Library of Congress was burned to the ground by the British troops.

4th President of the United States – James Madison

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” – James Madison

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT JAMES MADISON: He was a small man weighing barely one hundred pounds.

5th President of the United States – James Monroe

“National honor is the national property of the highest value.” – James Monroe

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT JAMES MONROE: He died on July 4th just like Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

6th President of the United States – John Quincy Adams

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT JOHN QUINCY ADAMS: He kept a pet alligator in the East Room at the White House for several months.

Fun Facts About American Presidents

7th President of the United States – Andrew Jackson

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT ANDREW JACKSON: He was involved in somewhere between 5 and 100 duels. In one case taking a bullet to the chest that missed his heart by less than an inch. Despite the fact that he had such a serious wound, he still killed his opponent in that duel.

8th President of the United States – Martin Van Buren

There is a power in public opinion in this country – and I thank God for it: for it is the most honest and best of all powers — which will not tolerate an incompetent or unworthy man to hold in his weak or wicked hands the lives and fortunes of his fellow-citizens.” – Martin Van Buren

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT MARTIN VAN BUREN: The word “okay” originates from Martin Van Buren’s nickname “Old Kinderhook.”

President Harrison Quote

9th President of the United States – William Henry Harrison

“I contend that the strongest of all governments is that which is most free.” – William Henry Harrison

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON: Harrison served the shortest term in office and many said this was a result of Tecumseh’s Curse. All seven presidents who were elected in a year that ended in a zero were either assassinated or died in office until 1980 when Ronald Reagan survived an assassination attempt and actually finished out his term.

10th President of the United States – John Tyler

“Popularity, I have always thought, may aptly be compared to a coquette: the more you woo her, the more apt is she to elude your embrace.” – John Tyler

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT JOHN TYLER: He had a total of 15 kids!

11th President of the United States – James K. Polk

“One great object of the Constitution was to restrain majorities from oppressing minorities or encroaching upon their just rights.” – James K Polk

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT JAMES POLK: He placed a ban on alcohol, liquor, and dancing in the White House!

12th President of the United States – Zachary Taylor

“The Bible is the best of books, and I wish it were in the hands of every one. It is indispensable to the safety and permanence of our institutions. A free government can not exist without religion and morals, and there cannot be morals without religion. Especially should the Bible be placed in the hands of the young. It is the best school book in the world. I would that all our people were brought up under the influence of that holy book.” – Zachary Taylor

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT ZACHARY TAYLOR: Clara Rising, a historical novelist writing a book about Taylor, noted that Taylor’s symptoms matched those of arsenic poisoning. In 1991 his body was exhumed and tested. Proving that he was not poisoned by arsenic. He likely passed from gastroenteritis.

13th President of the United States – Millard Fillmore

“The law is the only sure protection of the weak, and the only efficient restraint upon the strong.” – Millard Fillmore

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT MILLARD FILLMORE: He had a great love of books and was said to carry a dictionary with him at all times. He and his wife founded the first permanent library at the White House.


This president became the first to hire a fulltime bodyguard.

14th President of the United States – Franklin Pierce

“The founders of the Republic dealt with things as they were presented to them, in a spirit of self-sacrificing Patriotism and as time has proved, with a comprehensive wisdom which it will always be safe for us to consult.” – Franklin Pierce

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT FRANKLIN PIERCE: He was so disliked that he became the first U.S. president to hire a full-time bodyguard.

15th President of the United States – James Buchanan

“The test of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there.” – James Buchanan

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT JAMES BUCHANAN: He was the only president who was never married.

16th President of the United States – Abraham Lincoln

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT ABRAHAM LINCOLN: Grave robbers attempted to steal his corpse to hold it for a ransom of $200,000. That’s amount is worth $2,679,665 in today’s money.

17th President of the United States – Andrew Johnson

“Honest conviction is my courage; the Constitution is my guide.” – Andrew Johnson

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT ANDREW JOHNSON: The group who planned the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, also planned to kill Andrew Johnson. The assassin sent to kill him, George Atzerodt, backed out but was still hung for his part in the scheme.

President Grant Quote

18th President of the United States – Ulysses S. Grant

“I have never advocated war except as a means of peace.” – Ulysses S Grant

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT ULYSSES S. GRANT: He was supposed to be at Ford’s Theater the night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and was convinced that he could have stopped John Wilkes Booth from pulling the trigger if he had not declined the invitation.

19th President of the United States – Rutherford B. Hayes

“One of the tests of the civilization of people is the treatment of its criminals.” – Rutherford B. Hayes

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT RUTHERFORD B. HAYES: He and his wife Lucy held the first Easter egg roll at the White House.

Alexander Graham Bell tried to save this president.

20th President of the United States – James A. Garfield

“If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should not grow old.” – James A. Garfield

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT JAMES A. GARFIELD: After this president was shot in an assassination attempt, Alexander Graham Bell invented a metal detector to try to locate the elusive bullet so it could be removed. But his machine malfunctioned. Garfield died 80 days later from blood poisoning. It was later discovered that he had been laying on a metal bed frame and that was probably what caused the metal detector to malfunction.

21st President of the United States – Chester Arthur

“I may be president of the United States, but my private life is nobody’s damned business.” – Chester Arthur

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT CHESTER ARTHUR: He had 24 wagon loads of furniture hauled from the White House and auctioned off to afford new furniture before he would move in.

22nd President of the United States – Grover Cleveland

A government for the people must depend for its success on the intelligence, the morality, the justice, and the interest of the people themselves. – Grover Cleveland

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT GROVER CLEVELAND: He was the only president to have a wedding ceremony at the White House. He married Frances Folsom who was 27 years younger than he was.

Benjamin Harrison Quote

23rd President of the United States – Benjamin Harrison

Great lives never go out; they go on.” – Benjamin Harrison

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT BENJAMIN HARRISON: When he was seven years old his grandfather, William Henry Harrison, was elected President.

24th President of the United States – Grover Cleveland

The ship of democracy, which has weathered all storms, may sink through the mutiny of those on board.” – Grover Cleveland

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT GROVER CLEVELAND: He was a cigar-smoking, beer drinking, large man that weighed in at 250 pounds. His friends called him ‘Big Steve.’

Which President had a parrot

25th President of the United States – William McKinley

In the time of darkest defeat, victory may be nearest.” – William McKinley

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT WILLIAM MCKINLEY: He had a parrot named “Washington Post” who could whistle to the tune of Yankee Doodle.

26th President of the United States – Theodore Roosevelt

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” – Theodore Roosevelt

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT THEODORE ROOSEVELT: His mother and wife died on the same day twelve hours apart. It was Valentine’s Day, 1884.

27th President of the United States – William Howard Taft

We are all imperfect. We can not expect perfect government.”  – William Howard Taft

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT: He was the last president to keep a cow, (named Pauline) at the White House to provide fresh milk.

President Wilson Quote

28th President of the United States – Woodrow Wilson

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.” – Woodrow Wilson

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT WOODROW WILSON: He is the only U.S. President buried in Washington, D.C.

29th President of the United States – Warren G. Harding

America’s present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration;… not surgery but serenity.” – Warren G. Harding

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT WARREN G, HARDING: He had a dog named ‘Laddie Boy’, who collected and delivered the president’s newspaper every day. Laddie Boy even had his own chair for cabinet meetings.

This President liked Petroleum Jelly with his breakfastAC

30th President of the United States – Calvin Coolidge

Don’t expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong.” – Calvin Coolidge

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT CALVIN COOLIDGE: Believing it good for his health, he enjoyed having petroleum jelly slathered on his head while he ate breakfast.

31st President of the United States – Herbert Hoover

“Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.” – Herbert Hoover

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT HERBERT HOOVER: An orphan at just nine years old, he became a multi-millionaire doing business on every continent except Antartica!

President Roosevelt Quote

32nd President of United States – Franklin D. Roosevelt

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin D Roosevelt

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT: He served longer than any other President, dying just months into his fourth term!

33rd President of the United States – Harry S. Truman

A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.” – Harry S. Truman

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT HARRY S. TRUMAN: He authorized the Atomic Bomb to be dropped on Japan.

This President put a ban on squirrels

34th President of the United States – Dwight D. Eisenhower

A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER: He banished the White House’s squirrels because they were ruining his putting green.

35th President of the United States – John F. Kennedy

And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” – John F Kennedy

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT JOHN F. KENNEDY: He secretly installed a recording system in the Oval Office and Cabinet Room that sent recordings to a reel-to-reel tape recorder in the White House basement.

President Johnson Quote

36th President of the United States – Lyndon B. Johnson

If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read: “President Can’t Swim.” – Lyndon B. Johnson


37th President of the United States – Richard Nixon

Always remember others may hate you but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.” – Richard Nixon

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT RICHARD NIXON: He could play five musical instruments, the piano, saxophone, clarinet, accord, on and violin.

38th President of the United States – Gerald Ford

A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” – Gerald Ford

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT GERALD FORD: He was the target of two assassination attempts, both by women. One a follower of Charles Manson.

This President Saw A UFO

39th President of the United States – Jimmy Carter

America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense human rights invented America.” – Jimmy Carter


40th President of the United States – Ronald Reagan

If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.” – Ronald Reagan

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT RONALD REAGAN: He was a confidential FBI informant! He provided the names of actors suspected of being Communist Party members or sympathizers.

41st President of the United States – George Bush

What’s wrong with being a boring kind of guy?” – George Bush

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT GEORGE BUSH: He was the youngest pilot in the Navy during World War II.

42nd President of the United States – Bill Clinton

There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.” – Bill Clinton

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT BILL CLINTON: He was the first elected President of the United States to be impeached.

43rd President of the United States – George W. Bush

Whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done.” – George W. Bush

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT GEORGE W. BUSH: He was the head cheerleader at Phillips Academy.

44th President of the United States – Barrack Obama

“Let’s acknowledge that democracy has always been messy. Let’s not be overly nostalgic.” – Barrack Obama

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT BARRACK OBAMA: He collects Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics.

45th President of the United States – Donald Trump

You have to think anyway, so why not think big?” – Donald Trump

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT DONALD TRUMP: In 2000, the sitcom – The Simpsons predicted that Donald Trump may become the President of the United States.

Did you learn something new? We hope you enjoyed these Fun Facts and that you have a chance to share them!

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Fun Facts About American Presidents Printable Trivia Cards

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Fun Facts About American Presidents

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