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Going Back To Where America Began

This year we learned a lot about the beginning of our country. T has always loved History above every other subject so we have decided to do some visiting to the places we learned about.

We thought maybe the best place to start would be to visit The Lost Colony. We were fascinated by the endurance of this mystery and decided North Carolina is just next door. We simply have to visit Roanoke Island. The facts state that in 1585 this was the location of the first attempt at an English settlement in America. The first attempt failed miserably and the second attempt is simply fascinating. The colonists needed supplies so Captain John White (grandfather to Virginia Dare the first English baby born in America) headed home to get them. He expected to return within three months. However, when he got home he found England at war with Spain and his ship was confiscated. Long story short, three years later when he returned everyone had vanished. Gone. Nothing but a partial word carved in a tree, CRO. A fence post was found with CROATOAN carved in it. This referenced an island south of there (today’s Hatteras Island)  but the settlers were never found. History and Mystery!

It’s worth mentioning that there is a show in Manteo which tells the story of The Lost Colony and TripAdvisor rates it 4.5 stars. That’s a good rating for such a show so we will add that to the itinerary.
Lost Colony Outdoor Drama – Roanoke Island

Less than three hours away is the location of the first successful English colony in America, Jamestown. When we were studying this part of history we were again fascinated at the sacrifices, heartaches, and successes that these brave first American’s underwent. We learned that Captain John Smith had to create a law to force the men to work. If they did not work they did not eat. Very few of the members of this colony were prepared for hard labor. Few were farmers, carpenters, or hunters. Most were gentlemen. The loss of life was severe. T was fascinated to learn how Captain John Smith was charged with mutiny on the voyage over and  almost blew himself up later in a canoe. His journals are an interesting read!

Jamestown offers a fascinating recreation of the past. They actually have docked replicas of the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery ships which carried our first permanent settlers to Virginia.


There are also galleries to explore and a visit to the fort is a must! Reenactments and films are available.

Here is what excites me the most. I love archeology. The archeological dig at Jamestown continues and you can tour the exhibit and see all that has been unearthed already.  They have been digging since 1994. Check out this video which tracks their progress year by year!

Opening this month is their Pocahontas exhibit which means we can be among the first to see it! Here’s a quick video that gives a sneak peek.

So, we are excited. We still have details to pull together such as where to stay and when to go but those are fun details. We will follow-up with pics and another post once the adventure arrives.


If you have ever been we would love to hear any tips or suggestions on where to stay, what to see, what to eat…..  🙂  Please feel free to share!

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