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Counting Blessings With Your Kids

Tis’ the season of gratitude! There are so many opportunities this season to teach our kids about the importance and value of owning a grateful heart. Not only is this classroom time well invested in the emotional development and mindset of our children, but it also leads to happier kids focused on those things that matter most.

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Try This Simple Count Your Blessing Activity

Begin by selecting specific areas of your child’s life and environment. You know your child best so feel free to change up the topics to better match those things your child loves most. Examples follow:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Faith
  • Home
  • Animals
  • Nature/Earth
  • Sports/Dance/Extra-Curricula Activities
  • Hobbies
  • Education
  • Games

The Spilling Out and Sharing of Blessings

You can use the worksheets and display cards included in the packet at Geez, Gwen! Or you can simply write each one on a flashcard. Encourage your child to brain dump. Have them write down everything about each specific category that makes them smile. Once they are done make sure they feel heard by allowing them unrushed time and space to elaborate on their selections. These activities are great broken down into ten days prior to fall break. 

Your Blessings class time is usually less than fifteen minutes per category per child. But you can also just do them all at once. 

Create Daily Reminders

Once you have worked your way through the brainstorming – heart-searching, help them to create a sweet Blessings Garland to display. You can again use blank flashcards or cardstock, each titled with a category, and have your child draw an image that represents their most treasured blessings from the associated list they created.

String a piece of twine or yarn along a window, wall to wall, or below your mantle, and use small clothespins to secure each card. If you do not have the clothespins you can generally find them and the twine at a Dollar Tree. An alternate would be to hole punch each card, add a string and tie it to your twine. Be sure to space these evenly (a chance to sneak some math and measuring into the project).

A second option is to print the topic cards included in the packet and have each child write a list of their favorite topics on each card. Front or back or even both. Have your children do the cutting, organizing, and writing or drawing themselves, only helping those too young to do their own. The goal is to provide them with ownership of this activity. Hence, ownership of their unique blessings.

Lead By Example

May I encourage you to create your own cards and include the name of each of your learners with a list of the ways they most bless you? Adding those to your garland personalizes it even more and this simple addition is a great way to remind your kids that while they are marking specific blessings, they are also blessings themselves. Important knowledge this time of year and all year long. 

Encourage Sharing and Elaboration

Once your children have completed the project and their work is on display encourage them to share the meaning of their cards with visitors and family members. Returning to these reminders is a great way to create a habit of verbalizing gratitude. An important life skill that will carry them far.

The Counting Blessings Gratitude Activity Packet for Kids

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