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Educational Websites Perfect for Homeschool Learning

22 Online Options For Learning At Home

Today I am sharing a collection of educational websites and apps that my family and my homeschooling friends’ families have used and loved. I’m hoping this will be helpful to families new to homeschooling and those looking for new resources for their existing homeschools. Ok, let’s dig into this list of educational websites that you can use to teach or supplement your child’s learning.

** This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.**

22 Educational Websites Homeschoolers Love!

ABC Mouse

Ages 2 to 8

The Step-by-Step Learning Path presents the full curriculum in a carefully designed program of more than 850 lessons in ten levels. As your child completes each lesson, he or she is guided to the next one and is motivated to continue learning by’s Tickets and Rewards System. Includes Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Colors. $9.95 a month.

ABCya! – Learning Games and Apps for Kids

Pre-K through 6+

ABCya provides over 400 fun and educational games for grades PreK through 6. Our activities are designed by parents and educators, who understand that children learn better if they are having fun. Games are categorized by grade and subject, and cover topics such as multiplication, parts of speech, typing, pattern recognition, and more. We even have games that are just plain fun (and safe) to play! With so much variety, there is sure to be something for kids at all learning levels and styles.

Adapted Mind

K through 6th Grade

This K-6 Math and Reading curriculum is research-based, common core aligned, and comprehensive – with over 300,000 math problems and explanations. But even better, students will feel like they’re playing a game.

AdaptedMind was created by graduates of Stanford, Berkeley, and Harvard to improve the way children learn. We aspire to bring a revolution to education, improving it by pushing the frontier in learning science.

Your child is unique. But the math books and exercises your child does are the same as other children’s. AdaptedMind creates a custom learning experience for your child. A learning experience that identifies your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and delivers a curriculum and exercises that adapts to these needs. That’s adaptive learning.

AmblesideOnline AO-HELP

Kindergarten Through 12th Grades

This is a free, complete, user-friendly curriculum plan for homeschooling families who need support, encouragement, and alternatives to the curriculum they’ve lost in a disaster, and also for churches and other groups needing to set up temporary schools for children who may not have been homeschooled. All texts and teaching materials needed to implement this plan are free online. The only things you need are access to a computer and printer, paper and pencil. Please print out and share this information freely with anyone who might need it.

Code Academy

Middle and High School

Code Foundations, Computer Science, Data Science, and Web Development Courses. Skill Paths provide a short roadmap to help you master a new job-ready skill. The Basic Plan includes 180 hours of content and is free. Pro plans are also available. Pricing and details here.

Discovery K12

K through 12th

7 standard courses: Language Arts, Reading/Literature, Math, Science, History/Social Studies, Visual/Performing Arts, and Physical Education. All student accounts are free.


Learning a foreign language with Duolingo is fun and addictive. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. Our bite-sized lessons are effective.

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool

Pre-school Through 8th Grade

This site holds preschool (getting ready 1), kindergarten (getting ready 2), and first through eighth. (We have a separate high school site.) Choosing a level (on My EP) will set reading, language arts, math, computer, and logic, any of which can be switched to a more appropriate level without affecting the others. Choosing a theme enables all of your children to study the same topic at the same time. The themes are based on the history courses of ancient history, early American history, geography and cultures, and modern history. Music and art are part of these themes and science is set to what would typically be studied at the same time.

You choose the courses. Set it and forget it

K through 5th Grade

Boost your child’s learning! Unlimited access to an expanding library of resources that help build 800+ key learning skills. More than 20,000 engaging and colorful math, social studies, reading, and writing worksheets for skill practice. Step-by-step learning with fun, interactive games, and stories for PreK-5th grade Progress tracking to celebrate your children’s successes.

Elephant Learning

Ages 2 to 16

Changing the way the world teaches mathematics. On average, children in our system learn 1.5 years of mathematics over the course of 10 weeks. We have had over 50,000 students come through our system and report increased comprehension, increased confidence, and increased enjoyment of mathematics.


PreK through 12th Grade

IXL is personalized learning. With a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, individualized guidance, and real-time analytics, IXL meets the unique needs of each learner.
Access to every grade level and unlimited practice. Content covering over 8,000 unique topics. Personalized learning that adapts to your child’s level. Meaningful, up-to-date tracking on your child’s progress.

Khan Academy

Preschool Through Highschool

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Our math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. We’ve also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content.

Power Homeschool

K through 12

Power Homeschool course materials are standards-based and provide a fully online learning experience in each subject area. Each student may take up to six courses simultaneously and the selection of courses may be adjusted at any time.


K-12th Grade

Perseverance, NASA’s most advanced Mars rover to date, is continuing NASA’s investigation of the Red Planet. Only the fifth NASA rover destined for Mars, Perseverance is designed to build on the work and scientific discoveries of its predecessors. Bring the exciting engineering and science of this mission to students in the classroom and at home with STEM lessons and do-it-yourself projects covering topics such as biology, geology, physics, mathematics, engineering, coding, and language arts.


1st to 8th Grade

Full curriculum access for students, parents, and schools. No cost, ever. The engaging, curriculum-aligned math platform is loved by over 50 million students, teachers, and admins. Easily motivate 1st to 8th-grade students to learn and practice math. Accessible at home or in class!

Reading Eggs

2 yr olds to 13 yrs

Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities. And it really works! Children love the games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning. Your child can learn to read right now. Register now to start your FREE trial!



At ReadWriteThink, our mission is to provide educators, parents, and afterschool professionals with access to the highest quality practices in reading and language arts instruction by offering the very best in free materials.


Kindergarten through Third Grade® opened in September 2002 as a free public service to teach children to read. Since then it has expanded to include language arts and mathematics for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade. Starfall’s emphasis on phonemic awareness, systematic sequential phonics, and common sight words in conjunction with audiovisual interactivity has proven effective in teaching emergent readers. Starfall activities are research-based and align with Individual and Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics.

The program emphasizes exploration, play, and positive reinforcement—encouraging children to become confident and intrinsically motivated. Starfall is an educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children and is especially effective for special education, homeschooling, and English language development (ELD, ELL, ESL). It is widely used in schools that serve children with special needs and learning difficulties.

Our low-cost membership program expands the free content to include animated songs, mathematics, and reading activities spanning K-3. Membership also supports the production of new books, songs, educational games, and movies.

Story Online

K through 3rd

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s award-winning children’s literacy website, Storyline Online, streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. Readers include Viola Davis, Chris Pine, Lily Tomlin, Kevin Costner, Annette Bening, James Earl Jones, Betty White, and dozens more.

Storyline Online is available 24 hours a day for children, parents, caregivers, and educators worldwide. Each book includes a supplemental curriculum developed by a credentialed elementary educator, aiming to strengthen comprehension and verbal and written skills for English-language learners.

Teachers Pay Teachers

PreK through 12th Grade

TpT is the go-to place for educators to find the resources, knowledge, and inspiration they need to teach at their best. We offer more than 3 million free and paid resources, created by educators who understand what works in the classroom. Our marketplace is growing every day to meet the evolving needs of the PreK-12 classroom. When educators get the resources and support they need, they’re best equipped to inspire our next generation of learners.

Teach Your Monsters To Read

Beginning Readers or Struggling Readers

The groundbreaking game that makes learning to read fun! Covers everything from letters and sounds to reading full sentences. Designed in collaboration with leading academics. Complements all synthetic phonics programs used in schools. The computer version is 100% free.


Live Online Classes for Ages 3-18

Spark your child’s curiosity with access to 10,000 small group video chat classes—created and taught by inspiring teachers. Start learning for as low as $5/class.

There are more educational websites, but these are the online learning sites I have either used myself or heard about enough from other Homeschool Moms and Dads over the years to be able to recommend comfortably.

Whatever has brought you here to this page of educational websites let me leave you with one final piece of information. You can do this! Homeschooling is really an amazing opportunity and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s a blessing you are just about to discover. I wish you all the very best!

Be blessed,


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