Hallelujah- Lindsey Stirling on Violin- #aSaviorIsBorn

I decided to share some of my favorite things with you.  As a person who gets started every day while Pandora feeds wave after wave of the symphony into my room, it’s no wonder that I adore Lindsey Stirling.  She plays, she dances, she stands up for what she believes in. She is absolutely overflowing with talent. Her work is among my favorite things and so I thought I should share this.

Lindsey Stirling - Hallelujah

Lindsey Stirling – Hallelujah


This performance is absolutely beautiful! Do yourself a favor and spend less than five minutes of your day experiencing the talent of Lindsey Stirling on her violin performing Hallelujah in the New York Subway.  You will feel better then before you watched it and the real Christmas Spirit, well, you can feel it. You really can! Then listen to what she has to say at the end.

Merry Christmas!