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Really Cute Halloween Costumes You Can Get Fast

Halloween is just a few weeks away. If you still haven’t found an adorable costume for your little trick or treater, check out this collection of affordable Halloween costumes for kids. All of these kids’ costumes are under forty dollars and are available through Amazon Prime at the time of this writing.

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Trick or Treat - Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween Costumes For Kids (Focused on Careers)

All kids want to dress up and get that candy! This first collection of Halloween costumes for kids encourages them to dress up by stepping into the roles they hope to play in the future. I’m all about being intentional with every opportunity to help encourage a child’s dreams. These choices from Melisa & Doug can double as outfits you’ll be happy to include in your playroom.

Melisa & Doug Fire Chief Costume

This fire chief costume is perfect for the kids who wish to grow up to serve and protect. This one and the police officer costume are both great choices!

Melissa & Doug Astronaut Space Costume

My first pick is so timely as we all have watched as SpaceX launched an entirely civilian crew into space! For our kids, space is going to be more accessible than ever before. So, my first pick is Melissa & Doug Astronaut Space Costume!

Melisa & Doug Chef Costume

I love this chef costume from Melisa & Doug because I’ve discovered that most kids love to cook! Encouraging them to learn to cook provides an invaluable life skill making this costume choice a great selection!

Melisa & Doug Construction Worker Costume

This construction worker costume includes six pieces and almost three thousand positive reviews from costumes.

Trick Or Treat Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes for Kids With Big Imaginations

Unicorns, fairies, butterflies, knights, or dragons! This set of Halloween costumes is hand-picked for kids with big imaginations and a love for happy endings!

Unicorn Halloween Costume

I love this Unicorn Costume that includes a second one for their doll! It’s adorable but it also looks so warm! Growing up in Maine I remember most costumes had to be buried under jackets for cold Halloween nights. Not this one!

Princess Costume

There are a lot of beautiful princess costumes out there but this one from ReliBeauty appears to be the clear favorite. Reviewers are pleasantly surprised with the high quality of the dress and the detail. Gorgeous!

Fur-Trimmed Hooded Cloak

I have to include this cape for those of you with Princesses trick-or-treating in the cold. These are adorable and give a little added cover from a chilly Halloween night.

Butterfly Wings

How beautiful are these butterfly wings! Available in eight different color schemes, your butterfly is sure to get extra sweets for being so sweet!

Halloween Costumes for Heroes at Heart

Superhero Capes

This four-pack of superhero capes will see more use than just for Halloween! Suitable for all heroes aged 3 -10!


This Supergirl costume is my favorite! Confession, my last Halloween costume was a Supergirl costume and I only wish it had a skirt this cute!


I love that Spiderman never goes out of style! Reviewers say this costume is great quality and offers a great fit!

Kids Trick or Treating

If you are looking for very unique and/or handmade Halloween costumes for kids, visit this post- Top Fifteen Unique Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids.

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Wishing you luck, may you find the houses with full-sized candy bars or packed goodie bags!


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