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Halloween Story – Part Two

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T and I brainstormed the conclusion of the story. We had so much fun writing this together. On Wednesday he will write his very own Halloween story. I will see if he will agree to let me post that too. For now,  the thrilling conclusion 🙂


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Geez, Gwen Halloween Story -Enter If You Dare – Part Two

The tall figure lunged from the doorway, towering over Mr. Birds.

“Who are you?” Mr. Birds demanded backing up a few steps as the figure approached.  The girls clung to him.  Layla began to cry softly.

“Your worst nightmare!” the Reaper hissed and then suddenly turned toward the doors at the end of the hallway.  In just a few long steps the figure was gone, the slamming of the corridor doors behind him echoing down the hallway.

Mr. Birds stood still for a moment, unsure of what to do. Gwen looked back toward her best friend Layla, who by now had tears falling steadily and before she knew it, Gwen was mad! 

She found herself rushing after the Reaper and suddenly she was standing in the back parking lot, the darkness of the night fell thickly all around her, the air smelled crisp and the cold of it blew through her costume and left her shivering.  Mr. Birds appeared beside her.

“Go back inside and find Mr. Belbie and tell him to come out here right away.” He instructed.

Before she could move, the sound of an engine  roared to life towards the corner of the school.   Mr. Belbie and Gwen both ran towards the sound and saw the tail lights of what appeared to be an El Camino escaping down Cemetary Road. A look of recognition crossed Mr. Birds face but, Gwen didn’t have time to think about that as she ran towards what she believed was her only clue to the identity of the Reaper.

As she rounded the corner of the school she slowed, realizing the car had pulled off the road just across the street and the eerie red eyes of the Reaper were peering at her through the darkness.  He had gone into the Village Cemetery.  She decided now was a good time to wait for Mr. Birds to catch up.

On most days the cemetery had lost its menace. She was so used to walking by it every day on her way to and from school that it had stopped looking frightening. Her class had even gone over to do rubbings of some of the oldest stones just last week and no creepy feeling had even crossed her mind. 

But now, with the red eyes of the Reaper glowing in the midst of the tombstones, it looked very frightening indeed. The figure had to be at least seven feet tall and the way it moved was awkward and unnatural.

Mr. Birds appeared beside her and she pointed towards the cemetery.

“Stay here,” Mr. Birds said as he went ahead and crossed the street.  For a moment Gwen did stay there. She could still hear the sounds of children laughing within the gymnasium.  She could even make out the sound of Mr. Belbie’s voice as he spoke into the microphone announcing her friend Israel the winner of the 3rd grade costume contest for his Colonel Sanders costume.

The smells of popcorn and warm apple cider lingered in the cold night air. She thought of going back to check on Layla and even started to turn around but the idea of Mr. Birds all alone in the cemetery with the Reaper stopped her. Before she even realized she had made a decision she had crossed the street and was standing on the last inch of blacktop before the grass edge of the cemetery began. 

The night air had become so cold that she could see every breath she released. Small cloud-like exhales floated before her and disappeared again and again as she listened.

Suddenly, she heard the sounds of crunching leaves and a rustling sound that to her active imagination must be the life or death struggle of Mr. Birds and the Reaper. She ran into the cemetery, tripping over  a short headstone and bruising her shin.  She stopped to rub her injury and listened some more. 

Wide-eyed she looked all around her and soon spotted a figure crouched behind a tree. She expected it had seen her too so she ran and took cover behind a large tombstone and held her breath for a moment. Just then, she heard the crunching of leaves only a few feet directly behind her. 

She turned slowly and discovered the Reaper, looming over her. His red eyes were fixed on her blue ones.  He reached slowly down with his long black fingers and she screamed.

Everything after that happened so fast she wasn’t exactly sure what she was seeing.  The figure which had been crouched behind the tree came at the Reaper and launched himself like a javelin into the beast.  The Reaper made a grunting noise and hit the ground loudly. Before he could regain his footing Mr. Birds tore his cloak away from his face and there was Mr. Elms.

“Gotcha!” He laughed at Mr. Birds.

“Dan?” Mr. Birds said.  “I thought that had to be you when I saw the El Camino!

“I told you last year I would get you back for pranking me last Halloween and I did!  You should have seen your face!”  Mr. Elms laughed so hard his face turned all red while Gwen just stood there trying to understand.  She stood silently as she watched Mr. Elms, a fourth grade teacher, remove stilts from his shoes and pull the dark robe over his head, laughing so hard he had started to snort.

“How in the world did you drive your car while you were wearing stilts?  Mr. Birds asked clearly wondering if there was a second conspirator.

“Well, you see how far I made it.”  Mr. Elms replied.

Mr. Birds began laughing then too until his eyes fell on the little third grade witch.

“You scared those girls half to death and that’s not funny.”  He accused. “This was not the place nor the time, Dan.”

“You made Layla cry!” Gwen finally found her voice. “And I banged my shin into that stone!”

“I’m so sorry for that. I will go apologize now and if there is anything I can do to make it up to you I will be happy to.” Mr. Elms said clearly regretting he had allowed the girls to be frightened. He wasn’t laughing anymore. “I couldn’t help it. I was supposed to be walking around in the stilts and a clown costume making balloon animals for the party but when I came across your outfit in the restroom, well, I just couldn’t resist.”  He told Mr. Birds. Turning back to Gwen he asked her, “What can I do to be forgiven?”  Gwen smiled up at him. She had an idea.

The next day Mr. Elms showed up at Layla’s house as promised.  He carried two large boxes about the size of the top of their school desks.

“I am truly sorry, ladies.” He said to Gwen and Layla as he approached. “I have brought a peace-offering and I hope you will accept.”

He handed over two Deluxe Art Kits, each three times the size of the one they had tried so hard to win at the school Halloween Party.

“You’re forgiven.” They said in unison as the grabbed the kits and headed back into Layla’s house.

“Do you think it was worth it?” Gwen asked Layla.

“Absolutely!  Besides I wasn’t really that scared anyway.” Layla answered.

“Neither was I,” Gwen said rolling her eyes and they both laughed as they tore open their prizes.

The End.

T and I brainstormed on several alternate endings but this is the one he finally chose to go with. Did you do this assignment with your student? If so we would love to hear how it all turned out in your class.  Share below. Comments and thoughts are always welcome!

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Story – Part Two

    1. Thanks for reading, Andy and taking the time to comment. We had a blast writing this! Have a blessed day and come back soon!

    1. Thanks for reading, Andy and taking the time to comment. We had a blast writing this! Have a blessed day and come back soon!

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