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He Is Risen – Easter Message

He Is Risen – Easter Message

Through the Eyes of Mary Magdalene

It’s Easter and while I was thinking about this I started to think about Mary Magdalene. I imagined walking in her shoes through the still darkness that first Easter morning as she approached the tomb of Jesus. She had to have been consumed with the deepest heartache, and confusion. She was likely angry and bone-weary and broken. Shattered, really. Her whole world had turned upside down. She must have been so heavy heading to His tomb. I wonder how she managed one foot in front of the other and then I know, it was love that got her there. I can’t imagine how it must have been in its entirety because it breaks my own heart if I try to let it all in.

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I picture her eyes widening and her heart sinking to a depth she didn’t know it could manage as she realizes the stone has been removed! I imagine the same feet that had dragged her there now pounding the earth as she flees frantically for help! And then breathless before Peter and Simon soaked in sweat and tears, trying to get the words out. We know the exact words she finally spoke.
“They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we don’t know where they have put him!”

We also know when she returns to the tomb she is weeping. But we can only begin to imagine what she was feeling exactly. Weak, frantic, horrified…..

I can’t help but wonder as I imagine Mary with tears spilling from her eyes, just about to bend over and peer into the tomb, how many of us have been filled with some heartache and confusion lately? Consumed with anger? Exhausted and bone weary?

How many of us know what it feels like to have our hearts shattered?

And that breaks my heart too. But that is also exactly why I am so full of gratitude this Easter and every day. Because these are not places God wants us or leaves us. Because there are miracles. Because there is unconditional love and a strength that is impossible without Him and a peace that surpasses all understanding. Because of answered prayers. Because of Jesus. Because God keeps His promises.

Mary looks into the tomb and finds angels. She turns and finds her Savior. Can you imagine when he spoke her name what she must have felt then? Joy seems like such an understatement.

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I imagine Mary, in that moment that changed everything for all of us, this broken, terrified woman is suddenly standing there a receiver of the greatest gift that has ever been given. She stands only steps away from angels. She turns to discover Jesus has risen. Death has been defeated. Eternal life is hers. The Prince of Peace lives.

In the blink of an eye, she is released from her misery, the leaden weight lifts. She is witnessing the greatest miracle that anyone ever will. Mary is saved. God is so good!

I hope this Easter and every day that follows it that we can all remember who He is and that we are His! That when we are feeling weak we remember that there are angels just steps away. That we remember Jesus knows our names too and that we allow that to fill us with joy. That we remember we are also the receivers of the greatest gift that was ever given. That miracles happen. And that God keeps His promises. That we are saved.

And that often things change in the blink of an eye. And that we realize we were never alone. Not even on the darkest mornings. And may we stand tall, chins up, as His children. And also, that we do as Jesus asked in his final request. That we love one another as He has loved us.

Happy Easter and God bless!



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