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Top Ten Tips – Help For Your Homeschool Journey

Today, I am putting together a collection of my most visited homeschooling posts. One thing I have learned over my own homeschool journey is that we all need help. We also need encouragement. Homeschooling is really hard at times and it can be lonely too. But it is also the most amazing experience you can share with your children and a true gift to your children when you consider the level of one-on-one targeted education you can offer. The rewards of your homeschooling journey far exceed the challenges. But there are plenty of challenges. So, here is some help for your homeschooling journey.

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Help for Your Homeschool Journey

Deals and Discounts Every Homeschooling Family Should Know About

This post shares some of the best deals and discounts I have discovered for homeschooling families. Books stores, craft shops, software, laptops, and even field trip savings are there for the asking. You just have to know where to ask.

How To Set Up and Organize Your Homeschool Classroom

I’ve moved from the kitchen table to the spare room over the years and I have added and taken away from our homeschool environment on many occasions. Here, I share what I have found to be the most effective pieces of a great homeschool environment.

Great Big List of Educational Websites for Homeschool

In this post, I spent time going through several of the online learning options out there. I also spoke with a large group of homeschool moms about which options they were using in their own homeschool The result is 22 Online Options for Learning at Home that homeschooling families are loving.

Educational Trips To Keep Your Family Learning All Year Long

One of the best parts of being a homeschooling family is all the hands-on learning and field trip opportunities. This collection of educational destinations shares opportunities including history, art, science, nature, space, and literature – so you never run out of ideas for ways to explore.

Why Homeschool Learning Is So Powerful

This post offers encouragement as we discuss the differences between public education and homeschool education. We discuss how a well-rounded education makes time to teach to the heart as well as the mind of the child and much more.

Tips and Tricks for Teaching From Home

This post is one written right in the early months of the pandemic. We discuss the best way to begin learning at home. What parts of our homeschool life should look like public school and what parts should look like home life? What to do if we need more help? And how to help our kids as they adapt to so many changes.

Top Ten Reasons To Homeschool

A quick recap of my very top reasons for taking on this homeschool life. Get inspired as we discuss the many benefits of a homeschool education that aren’t often considered. This way of life is a beautiful choice and we empower our children in so many ways to succeed. Let’s walk through them as we refill our determination and purpose.

Every Great Homeschool Education Teaches These Key Life Skills

One of the great benefits of offering a homeschool education is being able to offer key life skills to our kids. We can truly prepare them for real life and we can and should use class time to do it. This list is the one I used with my son. I spread this out starting in 7th grade and working through graduation.

How To Create Solid House Rules For Your Family

This is a fairly new post but it is already among my most popular. Every family can benefit from creating its own set of family rules, but for homeschooling families, these are almost essential. When we spend so much time in the home it is especially important that everyone is on the same page as far as what is expected, what is tolerated, and what is not. This post walks you through the creation of your own house rules and the enforcement of them. It’s truly helpful.

How To Prepare Your Family To Go Back To School

This is a brand new post but perfect for this collection because it offers five simple tips to transition your kids from summer break to back to school. Whether you have homeschool or public school kids, or a mix of both, there is help for every family right here.

I hope you have found this collection really helpful. Please feel welcome to ask questions or share your homeschooling experience in the comments section below. We love to hear from you.

Wishing you all the best,


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You know, no matter how much I plan, every year it seems that the new school year sneaks up on me. Early August I’m still telling myself I have plenty of time to pull things together. And then BAM, summer is over and it’s time to get my lesson plans completed in a hurry. I start pulling together everything I have gathered over the summer, reorganizing the homeschool room, trying to remember what I have forgotten. It’s a lot of work. That’s why I’m teaming up with some of my favorite fellow homeschool bloggers to bring you some great Back to Homeschool tips and resources. Sometimes you just need a little help from your friends.

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