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Ten Reasons Why You Should Hike Roan Mountain

Why You Should Hike Up Roan Mountain

Top Ten Reasons To Hike Roan Mountain

Roan Mountain is our very favorite place to hike. A few years ago we started a tradition where we usher the Summer in from the top of Roan Mountain. We also try to be sure to visit it at least once during every season of the year. It’s beautiful! If you are looking for amazing views, lovely foliage, well-maintained trails, and peace, and quiet, then Roan Mountain should be on the top of your shortlist.

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Roan Mountain Hike

#1 Reason to Visit Roan Mountain: The views…

Imagine mountains surrounding you in every direction! The blues and greens like waves in the ocean. It is so peaceful!

Roan Mountain Hike

#2 The Foliage Is Ever Changing and Always Lovely.

The foliage is beautiful. This time of year the Rhododendron is in bloom. You can find these flowers blooming in pink, yellow, and a flaming orange.

Roan Mountain Flowers

I’m partial to the orange ones…

Yellow Flowers on Roan Mountain

But then these yellow flowers are so cheerful too.

Grays Lily on Roan Mountain

#3 You Can See Rare Plants If You Time It Right

This is the rare Gray’s Lily and if you climb Roan Mountain in late June, you have a chance of spotting them. They are gorgeous! Another interesting fact about Roan Mountain is that a lot of the plants growing there are also growing in Canada. The climate and altitude combine to create an environment similar to Canada and so you will find plants on Roan Mountain you likely haven’t seen before.

T hiking barefoot

#4 Memorable Family Time – Hiking is always time well spent!

Call me partial, but my favorite part of hiking Roan Mountain is hiking it with T. I am so grateful he loves the wilderness the way I do. His love for nature and his desire to protect it drive him. He intends to study Biology and Conservation in college.

Round Bald Roan Mountain

#5 You Feel Like You’re On Top Of The World

The higher we climb the bigger his smile! His smile is contagious… We reach Round Bald.

Round Bald rises near the center of the Roan massif. It has an elevation of 5,826 feet (1,775 m), and overlooks Carver’s Gap at the far western end of Grassy Ridge. The Appalachian Trail (following the state border) crosses its summit, first passing through a sparse treeline on the mountain’s northwestern slope before emerging in the bald area near the top. There is a panoramic view from the summit. (From Wikipedia)

High Grass on Roan Mountain

#6 Even The Grass Tells A Story

Even the grass growing on Roan Mountain is beautiful! We stop to admire it. I remember a previous hike when the guide told us that the mountain was named Roan Mountain in honor of Daniel Boone’s roan colored horse. The legends are thick up in these mountains.

Grass On Roan Mountain

And then there is grass so soft and welcoming you wish you could take a nap right there, up in the clouds!

Forest At Roan Mountain

#7 The Forest Is Like A Fairy Tale

When you first start your hike you will travel through a small forest loaded with green trees and thick moss! Through the boughs above giant puddles of sunshine dot the forest floor, waiting for you to come splash through them.

Fern On Roan Mountain

Ferns and Moss lay across the forest floor like blankets. Everything is so green and simply gorgeous.

Leaning Tree On Roan Mountain

#8 The Trees Have Personality

The trees on Roan Mountain come in many different forms. I am always noticing how interesting this tree or that one is! This is one of the reasons I love to take the guided hikes. You can learn so much!

Forest On Roan Mountain

If you get lucky enough to end up hiking through the forest right after some rain, these trunks will look as black as ink and the mica deposits in the ground will sparkle brightly. It truly feels like a fairy tale.

Trees Guard Roan Mountain

This line of trees looks as though they stand guard, protecting the ranges behind them.

Time In Nature

#9 Time Spent In Nature Is SO Good For You And Your Family

Obviously, we know that exercise is always good. And we all know that some fresh air can lift our spirits and wake us up. But did you know that time spent in nature can also improve your short-term memory, reduce your stress level, lower your blood pressure, reduce inflammation in your body and even improve your vision! All true!

Us On Roan Mountain

(T being silly!) But seriously, both of us love how we feel after a day in the mountains. It’s hard to leave.

#10 A Day In The Mountains Is So Much Better Than Any Day On The Couch

You could be looking at this…


Or you could be looking at this plus be experiencing all the health benefits that come included with this view and the memories you will make with your family and can cherish forever. Don’t you love a simple choice? I do!

Roan Mountain Views

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Climbing Roan Mountain

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Top Ten Reasons To Hike Roan Mountain

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4 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why You Should Hike Roan Mountain

  1. Roan Mt State Park is so beautiful. A great place for a day visit or hiking trip for the family.
    It has always been clean and quiet when we have visited. The Laurel trees and Creek/river is so peaceful. We have had day visits,family reunions, trips with the kids. It is just all around a great place to visit

    1. We love it up there! We just visited Miller Farmstead on Friday and it is always beautiful too! But you just can’t beat the views from the top. We will be going up through Carver’s Gap next week to admire the leaves! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much, Ethan! And thank you for stopping by the blog and taking the time to comment 🙂 I shoot with a Canon Rebel T5i. I use the kit lens as well as a 50mm and 35mm lens. Have a great day!

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