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This is a list that changes as we make our way through grade after grade.

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The Teachers Corner:  Every single week I create a Match Up Worksheet for T’s vocabulary at this site.

Super Teacher Worksheets:  I have used these ideas for T’s daily journal writing and there are some really fun suggestions here.

Daily Teaching Tools: Here are another 180 writing prompts we love and use.

Printable United States trivia games bargain three-pack

Print Games Now: These Trivia Games and Holiday printables you can get at Print Games Now are so much Fun! We have used several over the years. We have the enjoyed the Valentine’s Day Trivia, St. Patrick Days Games and a bunch more.

Math Aids:  I use these worksheets for all things Math.

Energy Star Kids:  This is especially awesome for use during Earth Week but a great resource all year long.

 Scholastic (for Teachers):  Fantastic content and lots of freebies. I am probably at this site more than any other one. They offer worksheets and lessons which can be filtered by grade and subject. Excellent content.

Discovery Kids (for Parents):  I love, LOVE LOVE!!! this site.  Tons of ever changing content to inspire and guide.

National Geographic Kids:  Prepare to see your kid ready to get outdoors and to learn all about the world and its creatures. This site offers opportunities to earn badges, take quizzes, play games, learn fun facts and share findings and much, much more. Play, learn, create and on and on.

NASA for Kids:  This site is SO much fun.  This  year we had our names sent to Mars on the Rover and our names hitched a ride to the surface of an asteroid thanks to this site. We also sent in a rock to be studied by real scientists and tons more. This is a fantastic place to spend some time each week as you plan your lessons. Outstanding!

National Parks: We love fields trips and getting involved with all sorts of education away from the kitchen table.  We get event emails all the time alerting us to upcoming events and use this site for fantastic resources for kids and parents.

Day of the Year: We have way too much fun with this one. Celebrate crazy things like National Pie Day or National Pig In A Blanket Day. Keep things fun by including three or four a month.

History Channel Classroom: If you want to be a really cool homeschool Mom then this site is your friend. They offer lesson plans galore, prep you for upcoming shows (so you can get the DVR set) and make learning History so much fun!

Daily Teach: I get a daily email from this site that I love. It includes all kinds of wonderful tid bits such as:

  • This Day in History
  • Today’s Birthdays
  • Daily Warm Ups
  • Games
  • Tips
  • And More

Instructables:  Need to know how to make a kite, backyard pond or a galaxy? This site is an awesome tool for creating just about anything.

This Day In History: The History Channel offers this gem. We start here at least three days a week. T loves his History and these little bite size nuggets often offer just the prompt for his daily journal writing. Excellent!

CNN Student News: This year is the first year T has been really interested in current events. I searched around and finally signed up with CNN’s option. I highly recommend this source. The newscaster has a fun sense of humor and the news is relevant and interesting. The ten minutes this current events lesson offers is time well spent.

TED Talks:  How did I ever teach, learn and/or stay inspired before I discovered TED Talks? I am at a loss. This collection of talks by experts range across a vast selection of topics.  Spend some time here. You and your students will be so glad you did!

PBS Learning Media: I attended an online webinar which introduced to me the vast and oh so enticing lesson plans and materials available for free!  This is my most recent jackpot find! T loves it!


This is a start. I use several more but these are my most reliable go-to sites for resources, inspiration, and materials. I will add as our journey continues.



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