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How To Make A Christmas Delivery Gratitude Basket

How To Make A Christmas Delivery Gratitude Basket

Thank You For Delivering Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! Our family has a lot of Christmas traditions and one of our favorites is the Gratitude Basket we make every year to thank our delivery drivers for delivering us Christmas! If you saw the hill that we call a driveway, you would understand why we feel more compelled than most to let them know how much we appreciate them! It’s a hike!

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So this time of year we always to try to have a treat or two handy to tell them, thank you! After sending T running down the driveway waving a baggie full of cookies at the drivers time and time again, we finally decided there had to be an easier way. And so, The Christmas Delivery Gratitude Basket was born.

Merry Christmas Delivery Driver

How To Make A Christmas Delivery Gratitude Basket

So this is not rocket science but I do have several years of research into this so I feel like we can use some of that Science to make a really awesome Christmas Delivery Gratitude Basket even the scholars would approve of.

My Christmas Delivery Gratitude Baskets Always Consist of Four Basics

  • Energy Minded Treats
  • Something Sweet
  • Something To Drink
  • And A Thank You Note
Christmas Delivery Gratitude Basket

Energy Minded Treats

So first, delivery drivers work harder than ever this time of year and they need fuel. I always include trail mix or granola bars for this reason. After several years I’ve discovered I ran out of the Kind Bars and the Kashi Bars first so I always include those. Also, Slim Jims and Beef Jerky seem to fly right out of the basket too.

Something Sweet

I usually put some baggies of whatever I am baking for Christmas, like these Chocolate Snickerdoodles, in there. I also usually put some small bags of candy, fruit pies, and candy canes of course!

Something To Drink

I always include water bottles and some of the little packets to flavor the water so they can pick their favorite flavor and those have been a hit. Energy drinks also are greatly appreciated. Be warned, I used to put cans of Coke in there when I could find the ones with Santa and his bag on them,(so adorably theme-appropriate) but if the temp drops below zero, those explode and you don’t want to see a giant mess all over your porch and your front door and then everytime you grab the doorknob some sort of paste-like syrupy honey seems to be permanently released from within it forever after… I’ve cleaned up the eruption three times now so I don’t include carbonation any more. 🙂 Those Santa’s aren’t that cute. Close, but not quite.

Christmas Delivery Gratitude Basket

Your Thank You Note

For the first several years I just grabbed a piece of cardboard or poster board and wrote a quick note on it with a marker and that worked just fine. But over the years I have become a blogger and I get to design cute stuff and so I have upped my thank you note game. How cute is this printable?!?! I have an obsession with plump birds. I mean seriously… how cute is this? I love it!

You Can Get Your Adorable Christmas Delivery Thank You Note Here!

A quick note on what not to include in your basket. A lot of this is weather dependent and that varies so keep in mind my personal concerns have been that we have freezing weather often this time of year.

I have included fruit but it is one of those things that is much better if you don’t let it freeze. Again, carbonated beverages are like little bombs, not worth it. I was putting those beef sticks that also have a piece of cheese in them, but something funky happens to that cheese when it freezes so I don’t put those in there anymore. They develop an alarming film. I was including the iced coffees that come in the glass bottles but those get nasty too. I’d recommend you avoid those. It’s some sort of trick that they call them iced coffee because turning them into actual ice tends to transform them in the most unfortunate way.

Christmas Delivery Gratitude Basket

That’s all there is to it! A simple way to say thank you to your delivery drivers. These people aren’t exactly Santa Claus but they do a lot of his job without the magic, the reindeer, or the actual sleigh bells. So let’s show them that we notice and appreciate their efforts!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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How To Make A Christmas Delivery Gratitude Basket for Delivery Carriers

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2 thoughts on “How To Make A Christmas Delivery Gratitude Basket

  1. I can only imagine the mess that exploding cans would create outside. I have cleaned up more than my share at my old job from people who put them in the freezer (even after we hung up a sign saying not to do that).

    1. Hello Kristen! Thanks for stopping by! It was far worse than I ever could have imagined! That has some serious range and the ooze it turns into is thick and takes a lot to remove. Not fun! I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with it too! It’s a stubborn mess! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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