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Hygge Family Gift Exchange Idea

Have you ever heard the word, ‘hygge‘? Hygge means a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. It’s a Danish and Norwegian term. How about ‘Jolabokaflod‘? Jolabokaflod means a flood of books and it is the Icelandic tradition of giving and unwrapping new books on Christmas Eve and then cozying up with family and reading into the night. Our family wraps these two beautiful ideas together into a gift exchange. It’s one of our favorite traditions and I thought I would tell you all about how we put it together in case it’s something you would like to share with your family.

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What Goes Into Our Hygge Jolabokaflod Gift Anyway?

We combine a book with a few of our favorite comforts that combine to create the perfect cozy atmosphere. The goal is that on December 24th when most of the chaos is over, and the gifts are wrapped, and the parties are over, the stockings are stuffed, each recipient can gather their supplies and their book and settle in for a peaceful completion of their Christmas Eve.

In our family gift exchange, all gifts must include all of the following.

  • A book. (For those who don’t read consider a cookbook or a coffee table book.)
  • Something sweet. Usually chocolate.
  • Something warm to drink. Tea, coffee, or cocoa.
  • A candle.
  • Warm socks or slippers.

See Who Wants In On Your Hygge Gift Exchange

Our gift exchange has grown over the years as more and more family members have decided they wanted in. Now we have gifts going from Maine to Tennessee. You can include whoever you want.

  1. To begin, send out a group text to everyone whom you think would enjoy being part of the gift exchange. Have them commit to being part of the exchange or decline.
  2. Once you know who is going to be part of it set up a Zoom Call so you can draw names. Have one person put all of the names in a jar and go through and draw for each person. Be sure to record the results so you can share them with the group in your text conversation.
  3. Once names are drawn have everyone share their choice of book genre and slipper size.
  4. Set a delivery deadline. We are doing ours early this year because we expect slower shipping than normal. We are doing delivery by December 10th this year.
  5. Set a date to open them together. We also do this through Zoom and usually by the 20th of December right before the holiday chaos heads into full swing fluster.
  6. Take turns opening your Hygge gifts over Zoom and share the book titles.
  7. On Christmas Eve everyone takes a picture of themselves enjoying their books and their goodies and on Christmas Day we post them to the group text.

Grab Your Planner!

Family Gift Exchange Idea!

Our Hygge Family Gift Planner Includes:

  • A list of what goes into each package with a place to record delivery date requirements and the date and time of opening.
  • A planning and organization page with seven steps to pulling off a successful gift exchange.
  • A page to record who is participating and their book genre preferences and slipper size as well as a place to record who drew whose names.

Great Christmas Book Ideas:

We read a lot of Christmas books and we have shared our top picks in this post: Christmas Reading List – Best Christmas Books. You will find Christmas-themed books for readers young and old.

We are wishing you your most beautiful and meaningful Christmas yet! For more Christmas inspiration check out these other posts.

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** This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.**

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