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I’m Married To A Tech Junkie

What It’s Like Living With A Technology Junky

This post is a little off subject but it’s a big part of our life at home so I feel compelled to share. I am married to a Technology Junkie. If you are in love with one you are well aware that this is both a blessing and an adventure of sorts. We live in a Smart Home and that’s a pretty cool thing. There have however been moments…

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There was one time when I went to change the channel on the bedroom tv and somehow placed a phone call with the remote control which I could not figure out how to hang up. “Honey! I changed the channel and it called somebody! I only wanted to watch Discovery! Help!” At least, it wasn’t 911 I had dialed with the channel up button.

There was the time we first began conversion to a Smart Home. We went to install all the Insteon light stuff and every light in our house flashed on and off for a good thirty minutes. We live in an A-Frame on top of a big hill and the resulting light show resembled an alien spacecraft lifting off. Neighbors called.

There was the time he got me this awesome Samsung Smart 4K TV for Mother’s Day and I couldn’t figure out how to get it to turn to the tv. That TV was smarter than me. T and I went four days without being able to watch anything other than Netflix unless hubby was home.  There were four remote controls between the tv, the cable box, the sound bar and I’m still not sure what that last one was for.  Finally, Mr. Wonderful took pity on us and made one of them work for everything.

There was the time, Mr. Wonderful had installed the really cool door locks which you could program to lock at certain times or use an app to control. He was interrupted during the install and so had not programmed the keypad yet. The next day I came home with a ton of groceries and could not get into my house. My phone had lost signal. The app was not accessible and I was very locked out. That was fun 🙂 Well, the ice cream didn’t think so.


One time we went to buy an end table and Mr. Wonderful spotted this bed. It had a clicky and immediately had his interest. This thing would massage you, lift your head or feet or both and even had the option to put you in zero G. He couldn’t resist. This bed is absolutely wonderful and I love it, except for those nights when the remote gets left in our bed. I sleep on my belly and not too long ago I awoke in some sort of backward downward dog pose. Mr. Wonderful had rolled onto the clicky and sent us both into Zero G. Should have called it Zero Z’s. The best part was that once he had fixed it and fallen back asleep he did it again and the bed converted into its couch position. Nothing like starting the day with a good workout.  We still laugh about that one.

One time while we were on a cruise we had my Mom come and stay with T. She almost had a heart attack as all of a sudden every light in the house turned off and someone started turning the door knob.  In reality, no thief was involved, just a Techy son-in-law who had programmed everything to turn off at 11:30 pm and made the doors lock themselves. We really should have warned Mom. Oops! She didn’t sleep at all that night.

Just recently he had T convinced the house was haunted. He installed this app to control the tv so while he was in the other room he was changing the channels and muting the tv. T couldn’t believe his eyes. He marched into our room and announced, “We need to move, like now! We have a ghost and it likes the Food Network.” Poor kid.

So, let’s agree it’s a bit of an adventure living with a Technology Junkie but it has this other side too.

One morning I woke up and checked my computer and there in the place where it usually says Google on my home page, it said. I love you and it scrolled over and over.  So sweet.

He also recently bought me a new washer and dryer that sing happy songs when they are done and have cool features like wrinkle release and steam and dry clean all included. The buttons on those resemble an airline cockpit. They are awesome. He is awesome.

He is also always on top of the latest developments in technology so we usually get all the super cool stuff before most people have heard of it. He also finds the greatest apps and when he can’t find one he builds me one.

Another time I contracted a virus on my PC and everything was gone. I mean completely gone. I was heartbroken thinking of all my lost pictures, and writing and recipes and work stuff. The worst part though was that I had just finished putting together a remembrance video of my Grampy and the funeral was only two days away. I had scanned every image and award and all the letters I could get my hands on. I had worked and worked to make it as perfect as I could manage. Grampy deserved perfect. Mr. Wonderful did everything he could but nothing seemed left to recover. It was all destroyed. When  I fell asleep at 3:30 am he was still trying to save it. The next morning I woke up and checked. Not only was it up but it was open to the video I had been working on and a notepad document was there which said this:

I know there was a lot of sensitive data that we almost lost

and to be honest I was more worried than you. But nothing

could have been more important to me than the most important

thing to you which is the document you’ve made behind this

notepad window. I know how hard you’ve worked to make it

perfect and I was so tickled it came back to life after

getting your machine back up. I love you so much.

I worked until 5:30 this morning getting you fixed up. I also

installed all new drivers and all your updates. You should be

close to being back to where you were.

Goodnight love and I love you so so so much!

You see why I saved that notepad document. You also see why I call him Mr. Wonderful.

He is a technology junkie, who works as a web developer, and is an amazing husband and father, who always keeps things interesting. He’s like my very own Technology Loving Superman!  (Who just now pre-ordered us the new iPhone 6’s!  🙂

Do you have one of your own? If you do, you have stories. Please share them with us!

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