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Intro To Black and White Photography – Part One

Intro To Black and White Photography – Part One

Ansel Adams

This week I thought it would be cool to introduce T to one of my all time favorite photographers, Ansel Adams. T takes a lot of pictures and so do I. We both love to capture the things we find unique, awesome or funny. I also want to introduce him to some simple photo editing software. Ulterior Motive Explained: T hates the computer. He loves searching YouTube videos but beyond that he just isn’t interested. I am hoping this will open him up to the endless opportunities the cyber world has to offer outside of drag racing and cat videos. Finally, we are studying light in Science right now so this just fits perfectly.


Picture From Wikipedia

I remember the first time I saw an Ansel Adams print. I was barely a teenager, browsing through a Books A Million when I a saw a huge coffee table book displayed. The cover was Ansel Adams, Tetons and Snake River. I remember I actually caught my breath, it was beautiful.  The way the sun illuminated the clouds behind the snow capped mountains was absolutely stunning. It was so sharp and even though it had no color, it had more depth and contrast then I had ever taken time to appreciate before. I spent almost an hour with that book and immediately headed over to the photography section. I was hooked. Light and darkness, just like within the spirit of man, can produce an image that is both moving and unforgettable. T would accuse me of being mushy if I described his art this way so to introduce him I want to tell him the story of Ansel Adams. I want him to see the equipment he used and recognize how much it has changed and I want to introduce him to prints such as Tetons and Snake River, Moon and Half Dome and Bridalveil Fall.

We will be watching  this YouTube video, Ansel Adams – In His Own Words

And this – Ansel Adams – Photo Gallery

Once I have him inspired we will move on to a more basic introduction to Photography which you can view here.

Share with us! Do you have a favorite photographer? A favorite photo? As always, we love to hear from you. Share away….



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