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Irish Slang You Should Start Saying Now

Irish Slang You Should Start Saying Right Now

Just in Time for St. Patrick’s Day – Learn to speak like the Irish

T and I love to hear the Irish speak! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day we decided to learn some Irish slang so we could try to speak like the Irish all day on St. Patrick’s Day. We choose a few of our favorite Irish Terms and phrases and we are sharing them with you so you can play along! Have fun!

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Boyo – Male juvenile

Irish Slang Boyo

Crack on – Continue on, Get going.

Irish Slang Crack On

Howya – Hi, Hello

Irish Slang Howya

Jacks – Toilet

Irish Slang Jacks

Knackered – Exhausted, Tired

Irish Slang Knackered

These are great but they are just of few of the many! If you want more check out this article, 70+ Irish Slang Words & Phrases You Need To Know from

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And grab this fun Irish-themed I Spy worksheet for the kids!

Well, ya better crack on then! Get celebrating this St. Patrick’s Day, Lad! It will be gone before ye know it.

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