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It’s Just Another Manic Monday – Woo Oh Oh!


[su_heading size=”15″]It’s Just Another Manic Monday – Woo Oh Oh![/su_heading]

Cindy Lauper wasn’t kidding. Monday is my very least favorite of all the weekdays. I never feel like getting up when the alarm starts flashing and yelling and refuses to give me any peace for more than the five minutes it finds suitable. I stumble around like I’m waking from anesthesia until I manage a cup of coffee and finally start to actually wake up about half way through. There’s just something about coming off a weekend that makes me so sleepy.

Before Manic Monday sends me into Manic Depression I have decided to take action. I am going to change things up. My goal is to turn my least favorite weekday into my favorite weekday. I am going to make it something to look forward to. I am going to love it so much I won’t even need my alarm. Well, maybe I’m being slightly overly optimistic. But here goes…

What I Hate About Monday:

1.  My alarm – my arch nemesis – It’s so rude and loud and obnoxious and it won’t take no for an answer. That pushy, screeching abomination of technology. If it were to text me it would be all in capitals with exclamation points. It’s viscous, comes when you least expect it and refuses to be silenced. Oh, how I loathe my alarm. (Sorry, I  ranted. Oops.)

Getting back on track…

2. It’s hard to get back into the groove of schooling after so much playing and relaxing.

3. I move in slow motion and feel like I am staying behind all day.

What I Want From Monday:

1. For it to be the third day of the weekend. (The question did say what I WANT from Monday)

2. For it to be fun and exciting.

3. To learn how to forgive it and accept it for what it is.

What I Am Going To Do About It

1. I’m going to flip it upside down and shake some sense and fun out of it.

By flipping it upside down, I mean that literally. Instead of starting the day our usual way I am going to do some serious rearranging with the tasks. I am not afraid to go ahead and entirely eliminate some of them. I normally stay pretty solid with a schedule because I believe it helps my son. Actually, I know it does. I’ve learned the hard way. So once I have it flipped upside down and made it unrecognizable as its previous self,  we will set it in stone and commit to it. As long it becomes Monday’s schedule he will get behind it. Besides, he hates Monday’s as much as I do. It’s for the common good.

2. I’m going to add things to it that I love and adore so much they are bound to improve everything.

Things I love include God, family, coffee, yoga, music, inspiration, a good book, being outdoors, laughing, movies, funny videos, taking pictures, being by the water, good food, gelato…  I could easily go on and on but there are only so many hours in my new favorite weekday.

3. I am going to have to forgive Monday for forcing me back into a schedule. After all, “Today Is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it” also applies to Monday. I am going to recognize that without Monday we would likely not get much done and we love learning together. Also, if Monday were better behaved and acted like the weekend day I wish it was, I would likely make an enemy out of Tuesday which has actually never done anything mean to me at all.

The Solution

I did a little research – Google Search – “how not to hate your alarm” and  “nicest alarm clock iPhone apps”. I read a lot but decided getting an alarm I would have to chase across the room wouldn’t improve the situation and could likely kill me considering how graceful I am in the a.m. I looked at other options too but I am on a mission and tomorrow is Monday so I decided to take the advice of a few and install Rise Alarm Clock on my phone. It has nice sounds or I can use my own playlist. Perhaps if the thing isn’t screaming like a fire alarm I won’t dread it so bad. Also, it sets a countdown to when you need to rise which could possibly prevent me from watching one more episode of Downton Abbey before bed. Also, it let me set the snooze time. I set it to seven minutes and it was liberating. I love it already for giving me those two extra minutes.  Sweet, generous, wonderful alarm…. Note: Rise is $1.99 and another .99 cents if you want additional perks.

Moving onward… Energy is a major Monday issue for me. So instead of quietly sipping my coffee while watching CNN I am going to sip my coffee, outside at the patio with music that makes me move playing. I am also going to make Monday morning a Yoga day. Not the full hour but just 20 minutes because I always feel better after some Yoga.  Even 20 minutes can make a changed woman out of me.

As far as our school schedule I am going to move our Funny Moment which is usually reserved for just before lunch, to the first thing. Our Funny Moment consists of watching one or two YouTube Videos that make us laugh. Also, weather permitting we can move our bible study outside. We just need the Bible and his Route 66 workbook so that’s not like hauling most subjects outside. We also usually play educational games at the end of the day. Not on my precious Monday, not anymore. These we will be moving up into the earlier part and we will be playing music in the background that makes us feel “Oh so awake”. Finally, we will make Monday an Eat Out Lunch day. Sometimes just getting out of the house works wonders. I don’t mean fast food either. We can go for the good stuff. Or on pretty days, we can take a packed lunch up to the lake with bread to feed the ducks which we both love.  That’s just as awesome as fine dining.

So it’s on. Tomorrow, Monday is going to rock! I’m so excited 🙂

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