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Jesuso Ortiz – Delightful Illustrations Are Playfully Completed with Everyday Objects

[su_heading]Jesuso Ortiz – Delightful Illustrations Are Playfully Completed with Everyday Objects[/su_heading]

Inspiration for a 6th Grade Art Project

WOW!  How fun are these little beauties? I am so inspired by this artist, Jesuso Ortiz, that I am already planning to include this sort of art project in our Art curriculum for 2016. I love the boat with the drink umbrella best!  The colors absolutely pop! So creative!


And, how about his badminton birdie ballerina?

And, drum roll please…. a rose flamingo!


I dream of such things you should know. That is why I have decided to include T in this sort of art. I am planning a project for after break where he can create a work of art inspired by Jesuso Ortiz.  It’s going to be splendid. This also means that I get to make one too! I will be sure to post all about it!

Onto the planning:  I love the bright backgrounds he uses in several pieces. We will need color for the background and it should probably be heavy card stock so it can handle the fun additions.

What everyday items could I present? Anything from jellybeans to bottle caps!   Here is a quick list of items I am considering. I don’t want to overwhelm so I will need to choose just five. In the meantime, I brainstorm…

  • jelly beans
  • bottle caps
  • cotton balls
  • rubber bands
  • buttons
  • bubblegum
  • skittles
  • gummy bears
  • mismatched earrings
  • cut outs from magazines

I will post the lesson once we have it completed so you can share with your students too! Or, if you are a big kid like me, make your own. Just for fun!  It’s apparently considered very healthy for us grown ups to color in coloring books!  If coloring is good for us, this kind of art may contain miracle cures! Who knows?  We better check this out in the name of Science.  🙂  If you do decide to play then please, please, please share your creations with me!


Who else is excited?  Of course, you are… Comment below with any brilliant suggestions for everyday things the kids could transform into lovely pieces of art. I can’t wait to hear your ideas!


You probably want more of this art by, Jesuso Ortiz so go follow him on Instagram like I did. You can find him here.

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