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Five “Just Because” Ways To Show You Care

Did you know that August 27th is National Just Because Day? I love the idea of a holiday that celebrates the things we do just because. I do a lot of things just because. You probably do too! Look at us celebrating without even knowing it. In honor of the holiday, I am sending you five just because ways to show you care. Let’s have some fun with this.

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Just Because Day - Breakfast In Bed
Just Because Day – Breakfast In Bed

Five “Just Because Day” ways to show your other half that you care.

  1. Buy them their favorite chocolate or coffee and write a little note that says, “Just because I love you.”
  2. Make them breakfast in bed. When they ask what this is all about, tell them, “Just because.”
  3. Bring them lunch. Show up on their lunchbreak with their favorite to-go order.
  4. Write a love note in the steam on the bathroom mirror.
  5. Surprise them with a movie night. Surprise them with popcorn and their favorite movie qued up on Netflix.
Just Because Cookie Day!
Just Because Cookie Day!

Five “Just Because” ways to show your kids that you care.

  1. Make cookies together. Any kind of cookies that they want.
  2. Craft Time! Set up a simple craft and spend time together creating something.
  3. Go For Ice Cream. An unexpected trip for ice cream is always a winner.
  4. Buy Them A Small Gift. A book. A cupcake. A toy. Some paint.
  5. Movie Night! Even if you have seen thir favorite movie five bazillion times already, get excited about watching it together. Set the stage with pillows, blankets, and snacks. No distractions allowed.
 Just Because Day - Shopping Trip
Just Because Day – Shopping Trip

Five “Just Because Day” ways to show your friends that you care.

  1. Send them a thank you for being my friend text. A short message can go a long way.
  2. Buy them a coffee. One of the good ones with whipped cream and syrup.
  3. Invite Them On A Shopping Date. Christmas in July? Birthday Bonanza? Or no reason what so ever. Just because…
  4. Buy Them A Class. Paint & Sip. Cooking Pasta? Photography? Buy a few tickets to a local class and invite them to join you, just because.
  5. Bake Them A Pie. Nothing says I love you the way a Bourbon Chocolate Walnut Pie does.
Just Because Day Bubble Bath
Just Because Day Bubble Bath

Five “Just Because” ways to show yourself that you care.

  1. Fill a glass with wine and a tub with bubbles, just because.
  2. Buy yourself a brand new book and take it somewhere peaceful to read it.
  3. Book a massage. Just because you’d enjoy it.
  4. Get yourself a nice haircut. No date night, no interview, no reason, just because…
  5. Book A Weekend Away. A cozy cottage. A posh hotel room. A weekend with family. A weekend with friends. Whatever makes you smile. Book that. Just because.
Just Because Thank You Letter
Just Because Thank You Letter

Five “Just Because Day” ways to show random strangers that you care.

  1. Pay for the order behind you in line. This is a simple way to send some just because love out into the world.
  2. Hold the door open. A simple gesture that makes people feel valued.
  3. Help someone load their groceries or pump thier gas. Find someone older or with a bunch of kids, or in any kind of need whatsoever and give them a hand, just because.
  4. Let someone cut in front of you in line. Anyone at all will do.
  5. Write a letter to a soldier. A few lines in a thank you note might be just what that person needed.

Are you inspired? I know I am. Let me encourage you to take fifteen minutes right now to plan a few ‘Just Because’ moments. After all, National Just Because Day only happens once a year.

Be happy just because,


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