Learning Photography – Part Two with Assignment

Learning Photography – Part Two with Assignment

For the second part of our Photography Class we are taking a moment to review the basics.

1. Rule Of Thirds. This little bit of info resulted in far better shots for me personally so I am going to show T before he starts his Black and White Photo Project. As always, I watched several YouTube videos looking for a super simple version of this lesson and here is the one I am showing him.

2. Be Still. This one is bound to be a challenge for Little Man but honestly, holding the camera still is so important. We recently took him to the Muscle Car Museum in Gatlinburg and he took almost two hundred pictures. In about half of them it looks as though the cars were in motion. They were not moving but he was. He was just so excited! Its understandable. However, when he got home and went to review them he was really disappointed. Here is another example. We found this super creepy bug and at first T was so freaked out by it that he was running all around the post while shooting. After awhile he slowed down and steadied himself. You can see a big difference in the photos.


3. One quick video to go over composition by Andy McKee.

And one to go over camera settings, also taught by Andy McKee.



Take some pictures from up high looking down below.

Take some pictures of people you know and some of people you don’t.

Take some pictures from below looking way up high.

Take some pictures that show only amazing sky.

Take some pictures of things that purr.

Take some pictures of things with fur.

Take some pictures of things that fly or peck and tweet.

Take some pictures of signs or mailboxes, right there on your street.

Take some people pictures while they pose and smile.

Take some people pictures that they don’t see coming from a mile.

Take some pictures of toys including matchbox cars,

Take some pictures morning, noon and night, maybe you’ll see Mars.

Set the scene and take a picture of a T Movie clip.

Take some pictures of water but careful not to slip.

Take some pictures just because you saw something cool.

Now bring your camera straight to me, it’s time to have some school.

Get a copy of the assignment printable here –>  Photo Assignment Printable

OK – the scene is set. (Pun intended) I will follow-up with his results and we continue with another post on photo editing.

If you missed part one – Intro To Black and White Photography with Ansel Adams – check it out here.

If you want to see T’s results click here for Part Three.


Talk to us. Have you learned any tips on teaching kids photography? Has your child taken an exceptional shot? We love to hear from you. Don’t be shy – share 🙂