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Meet Cash – My White-Breasted Nuthatch

Meet Cash – My White-Breasted Nuthatch

Introducing my new crew, one feathered friend at a time…

Hey! How’s everyone holding up out there? Honestly, I’m still on this quarantine roller coaster over here. But I wanted to really quickly share someone who cheers me up in hopes he will cheer you up to. Meet Cash, my white-breasted nuthatch.

Cash the white-breasted nuthatch

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Cash the White-Breasted Nuthatch Makes The Best Sounds

Cash is a total nut! He hangs out upside down. For real, he clings to trees at weird angles that remind me of people repelling Australian style (face first). But my favorite thing about Cash is his call. I absolutely love the sound of Cash hanging out at my house. You see, he has this really funny song that makes me think of someone laughing super hard. You can hear it too, here is a clip from Bird, Inc.

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Nuthatch on tree
Crikey! This is a big tree!


How Do I know That Cash Is A Boy?

I can tell you that Cash (short for Cashew) is a boy because he wears a black cap. His lady, whom I call Hazel (short for Hazelnut) wears a bluish-gray one.

Nuthatch close up
Look at that face! What a handsome guy!

Why Is A Nuthatch Called A Nuthatch?

So, I obviously had some fun naming my birds Cash and Hazel but there is actually a really good reason why they are called Nuthatches. They will grab a seed from my feeder and then take it to another part of the tree or a different tree altogether, and force it into a crack in the bark and then they strike it with their beak to get it to crack open. It’s really fun to watch those nuts hatching.

White breasted nuthatch

Do You Have A Favorite Feathered Friend?

Do you have a favorite bird? Have you found yourself becoming more aware of what life is just outside your front door? I have found so much comfort in my feathered friends. Did you read about Jack, my Mourning Dove? I love him too! Sweet boy.

Well, lunch break is over and it’s back to the books. T and I continue our homeschool journey full force, finding comfort also in those things we can keep the same these days. Wishing you all of the best of everything. And hoping you go peek outside your window right now and see who awaits you out there.


Be blessed, my friends,


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