Mom, You’re White As A Sheep

Mom, You’re White As A Sheep

Kids Say The Sweetest Things…

My son says the funniest things. Last weekend I was painting the bathroom and T came in and announced with sincere concern in his tone,

“Mom, you’re white as a sheep. You need to take a break.”

I should have corrected him. I was able to correct him a few weeks ago when I asked him to grab my shoes and he said,

“Which ones? The ones with the stem’s on them?”

“Heels…” I managed to explain through bursts of laughter. “Those are heels, Baby.”

But this time, when I found myself standing there white as a sheep, roller in hand, I could not bring myself to say,
“Sheet, Sweetheart. It’s white as a sheet.”

You see, he is about to turn eleven and I am fully aware that these adorable things he says, are fewer and farther between and I want to keep them. I am a selfish Mom obviously, in this instance anyway. I so desperately want to keep him, my little boy. He called geese, geeks for years before I finally told him. But I understand I am also his teacher and he looks to me for correction. My head knows that but my heart wants to hear him call me, “white as a sheep,” just one more time. He’s growing up faster than I can stand. I almost had a heart attack last week when we went to try on new shoes. I was in shock when we went in there in size three Converse and the size four sneakers I was desperately trying to squeeze his feet into would not fit.  I went into immediate denial. How could he skip a size? I need time to adjust. When he went into size 10/12 clothing I mourned for  a week. Okay, about two weeks… Anyway, when at last I accepted defeat and watched his sweet little stocking feet fit perfectly in size five I had to take a minute. I had to remember to breathe. There he stood, ten feet tall and bulletproof in his size five shoes, absolutely thrilled with this growth spurt and I was picturing myself stacking books on his head in hopes it may slow down the growing.

The thing is this, I love the young man he is becoming. I am so excited to watch the changes in him that prove he is a great guy, a kind soul, a wise young man that one day, way sooner than I would like, will be a man that everyone is lucky to know. I am so proud of him and I wouldn’t shrink him even if I could. Well, I might but I would feel guilty about it and miss the young man I have now. I think what is happening is that I am realizing how fast this has happened. In my mind, he was just a baby. It feels like no time has passed since I first held him, since his first step, his first word, his first day of school and now he is about to be eleven. ELEVEN!!!! Deep breathes.



Speak to me Mommas!  Ease my mind. Help me handle this better than I am. Make me tell him, “It is white as a sheet, Sweet Boy.”  If I don’t get some good advice, I am not telling him. I seriously am not. I’ll have to be a BAAA d Mom. LOL