Mom’s Night Out Movie

A Facebook friend of mine sent me the link above and I wanted to share it with all of you. It’s about a new comedy coming out that was created by homeschooler’s, all grown up and making it in Hollywood.  It begins with a commentary from the director talking about how he was forced to repeat kindergarten because though his grades were good, he was considered disruptive. He mentions he was almost thrown out of second grade.  His Mom made a decision to bring him home and this man has such gratitude for her and has done so well.

His story reminds me of T’s first years in school.

My son has ADHD and he also has been frequently accused by teachers of being disruptive.  I vowed to be honest on here so I will admit, he may have indeed been quite disruptive.  He was just bursting with so many ideas and thoughts that he felt were far more exciting than the lessons the teachers tried so hard to make him absorb.  He also just couldn’t sit still. He wanted to follow the rules. He desperately wanted to stay in the green on his performance chart but he just could   not   sit   still. He would try to quietly stand behind his chair. Before he knew it he was walking circles around it and all the while his body couldn’t be still, neither could his thoughts. The boy had things to say, questions to ask and arms to swing.

But while he is wiggly, he is indeed a genius. He is creative beyond words, he remembers details and notices everything and can tell you five years later a conversation word for word.  He creates new inventions in his mind almost every day. That mind does fly. It’s keen, it’s quick and it’s beautiful.

Homeschooling him can be quite a challenge. He won’t sit down in the chairs at home any better than the ones at school. Not for long anyway. The good news is, I can teach him while he’s standing on his head if need be and I can keep him in the green and on track. It’s all about making the time, staying patient, paying attention to those racing thoughts and using the things that interest him to keep his train on my track. If I can  get him interested, he will never forget it. Even five years later he can tell you word for word.

Back to my point in posting. Check this out and hear what this director has to say. He reminds us Mom’s, it’s worth it and it matters. Also, let’s all go to this movie and support Mom’s Day Out.  If you’re anything like me, you know you need one 🙂