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Mother’s Day – Top 10 Reason’s My Mom Is The Best

My Mom is truly exceptional. I could easily and without hesitation create a list miles long of the many reasons why she is the absolute best.

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1. Even though there were six girls in her house, she always made time for each one of us. She had a way of making every one of us feel like we were her “favorite” but never played favorites.

2. No matter what concern or heartache plagued us she always had the right words to assure us everything was going to be okay. She was always right.

3. When we lost our Dad, she had endless patience and compassion and gave each of us the support and the love we needed to get us through. She always puts her pain behind ours, no matter what the situation.

4. No matter how small the victory or reward we earned, she celebrated with us as though we were heroes. She made us believe in ourselves because she believed in us with all of her heart.

5. She taught us to read and then taught us to love to read and to write. She may have the world record in most stories read to her children and grandchildren. She also saved so much of my writing, was the first to read my first manuscript and saved all of my ribbons and awards. She’s part teacher, part cheerleader, and full-time proud parent.

6. When I found myself in a dangerous relationship and hurt in more ways than one, she opened her home and heart and made me feel safe, loved, and adored. She reminded me that everything was going to be okay and was gentle yet strong as she pulled me back to my feet and helped me find my way back to the path I needed to be on. There were times I went kicking and screaming, but she was determined and lent me her strength when mine was depleted. I believe she saved my life and my heart during those dark days and I will always remember and be more grateful than words can express.

7. When my son was born and the first surgeries on the schedule, she was by my side for every one of them. She never made me feel like I inconvenienced her or turned her life upside down (which I did) but instead made me feel like there was no other place she would rather be. She meant it. She loved my son and me with all her heart and stood beside us through the hardest parts. She lost sleep, she worried with me, she encouraged and assured me, she made the Ronald McDonald House feel like home with her presence and she managed to make me laugh when it seemed like nothing could. To this day, even as recently as February, she has been beside me as T has had surgery after surgery. I never felt alone because of my Mom.

8. My Mother is an example of selflessness, compassion, and kindness that I have not encountered in any other soul. She is the first one there when anything troubling comes along, setting everything else aside without hesitation. She loves completely and unconditionally. Throughout my whole life, I have witnessed her share kindness with anyone and everyone who crossed her path. I have witnessed her love broken hearts into healing. I have learned compassion without judgment from her example. This is what it is to be truly beautiful. My Mom is truly beautiful.

9. My Mother is a fierce protector. I have always known that while she is among the gentlest of creatures, within her lies a lion! She has always stood up for me, fought for me when people or circumstances came against me, and refused to let me give up on myself with a stubbornness that is unparalleled. She is a lovely, complex creature made of pure grace and awesome strength.

10. My Mother has faith that we all would be better off to know and call our own. I have always been able to count on my Mom praying for me, looking to Him to touch my heart and guide me down the lighter path. I know when I pray that my Mom is praying for the things that concern me as well. She can know that I am praying for the things that concern her too. In this area, we are both daughters together and of all the wondrous things she has given me, this is the most powerful. We share our love for, God. There are so many reasons to love Him, but remembering that he blessed me with her for a Momma absolutely fills me with gratitude for Him. He created this one-of-a-kind love we call, A Mother’s Love, and made nothing else quite like it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mom’s out there. We each have our trail of memories that lead back to our earliest moments filled with examples of how much our moms mean to each one of us. We all held their hands as we learned to walk and they held our hearts as we learned to live and become the women and men we are today. Let’s remember to appreciate, respect, and adore them every day. Let’s give them reasons every day to remember what an amazing job they did. Let’s thank them for each sacrifice and every word of encouragement.

It’s not an easy job, being a Mom, letting your heart walk around independent of your body. Now that I am a Mom though, I can honestly say, there is no better or more rewarding job out there. There is no other job that matters so much. There is certainly none I would rather have. Thank you, Mom, for teaching me how to do this!

I love you!


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