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Mount Vernon Virtual Tour Review

Mount Vernon Virtual Tour Review

Excellent Resource for Teaching History – Virtual Field Trip

We love virtual field trips. T and I have been learning all about American History. It’s no secret that George Washington is my favorite historical figure. So you can imagine how excited I was when I came across this virtual field trip to Mount Vernon. Complete with informative text and videos, this is truly a valuable resource worth sharing with your students.

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Mount Vernon Virtual Tour - Homeschool Lessons

Some Background on Mount Vernon

A bit of background: Mount Vernon was inherited by George Washington from his half-brother, Lawrence. It graces the shores of the Potomac River in beautiful Virginia and is absolutely overflowing with History. This was the final resting place of both George and Martha Washington.

I would love to take T in person and I probably will. After all, only 6 and a half hours are between us. But for now, this virtual tour which takes us through the rooms of the mansion, across the grounds and gardens and even into the outbuildings, is almost as good as the real thing.

Fun Finds In The Virtual Museum 

Some of our favorite discoveries on the virtual tour were the pistols in Washington’s study. T loves antique weapons so the pistols and also the sword which was hidden in the closet were exciting finds. He also liked the looks of the iron strong-box which held so much of Washington’s wealth. He thought it was cool that the dining room was painted green and the ceiling was so ornate. In the stables, we discovered the coach and the war horses. The blacksmith shop fascinated T.

Also, the sunken ship the Federalist, which remains hidden under the choppy surface of the Potomac sent his imagination into overdrive. The rare book collection in the library caught my attention. These and so many other treasures can be discovered on this virtual tour.

Enhance The Mount Vernon Virtual Tour Experience

I am happy to recommend this outstanding material which is accurate and informative. The exploration itself is likely to keep the attention of your students! I considered a scavenger hunt and you may want to also. There are countless opportunities to learn more about discoveries at Mount Vernon. For example, we wanted to learn more about the Bastille key which we discovered hanging on a wall and ended up learning a lot about the French Revolution.

There is a tab on the site for Education which offers a great variety of free lesson plans and teaching materials you can include those with this study. Check them out below.

Mount Vernon Educational Tools

Why not visit now and let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you have a virtual field trip you would recommend? Please share your thoughts with us. We love to hear from you!

In our homeschool, we have done a ton of these virtual museum tours and some are far better than others. Our favorite to play with is The British Museum. The interface itself is rather addictive. But we also recommend The Guggenheim MuseumArt Institute Chicago, and the Benaki Museum virtual tours.

Do you have a favorite virtual tour to recommend? Please share in the comments section below. We love to hear from you!

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