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My First Experience with Microdermabrasion

My First Experience with Microdermabrasion


I have to confess, as I sit here only moments away from my journey to Oasis Skincare, I am a little nervous about trying microdermabrasion.  The thing is, I am slightly more desperate than I am nervous so chances of me getting into my truck and ending up in the esthetician’s chair are high.  I have read reviews that rave about the age defying results and glorious renewed skin these brave women who have gone before me were rewarded with and I try to call these success stories to mind now.  Instead, memories of reviewers ranting about cystic acne or broken blood vessels haunt me and instill in me, great doubt.  Will it be worth it? We shall see.  No risk, no reward….  or is that no pain no gain. Yikes!

Here are a few of things I intend to ask A the esthetician when we are face to face:

  1. Will I be able to notice results immediately or will that require multiple sessions?
  2. How soon can I wear make up again?
  3. Is there a great chance of me experiencing the nightmares reviewers reported which I mentioned above?
  4. Is there an alternative treatment that she feels would better treat my skin specifically?

Here are a few of my concerns:

  1. Will it hurt? Some people compare it to a cat’s tongue. I can totally handle that but is that a fair comparison?
  2. How bad will I look after the procedure and how long will that last? I have heard you are red for a few hours after the procedure.  Many people compare the look to a sun burn.  We shall see, slight sunburn or fully cooked lobster…
  3. Will they try to charge me for a bunch of hidden charges? I have experienced a spa or two in the past and I have discovered that there can be charges hidden everywhere. Like a great Easter Egg hunt, one hidden inside the cream, another in the glass of champagne you accepted, another in the sample serum they inquired if you would like try. Oh yes, I have been fooled before. Will Oasis be the exception or will be charged for every prep cream and skin calmer they stock? We shall see.

OK, the time has come. I am heading off in the name of beauty and youthful skin to be put under the wand. I am not exactly fearless but I am hopeful….  To be continued 🙂

I am home and that was bliss. First I must compliment Oasis on the environment. Clean and professional but warm and relaxing. My esthetician was awesome and super friendly. The experience was fantastic.  Now, this is just about an hour later so I will update as more time passes but for now, let me share the answers to my questions and the reality that replaced my fears.

  1. I wondered if I would be able to see immediate results and the answer is yes. I clearly did not have a face lift or a peel but my skin is glowing and much smoother already. A told me that within three sessions the results should be very obvious. That gives me something to look forward to.
  2. Can I wear makeup and when?  A told me that this depends on the type of makeup you use but my GloMinerals makeup is good to go immediately, as in right after my session! Woo Hoo 🙂
  3. I asked her about the chances of cystic acne and busted blood vessels and she really eased my mind about these concerns. She said this can and does happen when the patient has existing skin conditions such as rosacea and that’s why it’s important to be honest on your paperwork.
  4. As far as alternative treatments, she seemed confident I had chosen the right path to clear the scarring, reduce the size of my pores and balance the uneven skin tone I suffer from. The skincare center offers a LOT of other services and I technically offered her a great opportunity to push one on me but she didn’t. I think that’s cool. Honesty is so beautiful.

Addressing my concerns:

  1. Did it hurt?  Not even the t tiniest little bit of discomfort. It felt awesome. Also, I should mention I would imagine a cats tongue to be much more abrasive. After the session it felt a little warm but not at all like a burn. There were a few little spots that tingled a bit but nothing severe. The entire experience was actually very pleasant.
  2. Will I be lobster red or splotchy post session?  Nope.  My skin has the slightest pink flush, as though my man just flattered me but nothing major at all. People compare the look to that of a sunburn but for me that would be a severe exaggeration. I am merely blushing here.
  3. I wondered if my experience may mimic a previous experience at a different spa in Johnson City which added almost a hundred dollars in up charges to my visit. Not so at Oasis. Not only did I get the session for just $25.00 (they were having a special) but there was not a single charge added on and they weren’t pushy trying to force me to buy product at all. This place is far different than my previous experience and I am  very grateful for it.

In conclusion, I must admit that only time will tell. My first experience gets five stars and as of this moment I am looking forward to at least a few more sessions but in the meantime I will be watching my skin and seeing how it reacts. If at this time next week, all is still well, I will schedule my next session. It turns out best results are seen when you schedule sessions 7 to 10 days apart.  So, we shall see.

I also should mention that I did purchase a sampler kit of the GloTherapeautics after reading several reviews of ladies like me who went the microdermabrasion route. I bought it on Amazon for less then $30.00 and it has five different products so I feel like I got a great deal. I also made sure I was stocked up on the GloMinerals make up to give my skin its best shot at making this attempt a mad success. We shall see and I will share my journey….

I will tell you the truth. As I mentioned earlier. Honesty is beautiful.

Share your experience below. Be honest girls. I love to hear from you 🙂

Update: Day Two:  Just following up… Today my skin still feels silky soft. It’s too soon to say too much, but I am happy to report I awoke to clear, smooth skin. So far so good. I’ll check in again after one week. 🙂

Follow Up: One week later: I am still psyched I had this done and I am ready to schedule a second appointment. I have experienced no breakouts. My skin is still glowing and definitely looks healthier which makes me happier. I will update again after my second session of microdermabrasion.

Follow Up: Second Session: Hello!  Just checking back in to tell about my experience back at the Spa today. I had my second session and my skin is feeling wonderful. I will be scheduling a third session. I’m really excited to see some noticeable changes in the texture of my skin. This session we made additional passes over my skin versus the last session. I should also mention that the standard charge per session is $60.00. They are offering a Buy One Get One Half Price this month so I will be taking advantage of that. 🙂  I will continue to follow up through the end but for now I am still of the opinion that microdermabrasion is an excellent choice for skin renewal. Despite the mixed reviews, I have nothing but good things to say so far!

Follow Up: Third Session: Ok, so this was my third session and almost everyone agrees that this third visit is where you will start to have noticeable improvement. Third times the charm? I have already noticed improvement but the question remains, is the improvement noticeable to family and friends. Is it actually worth the money? I am excited to find out. I have not seen my sister or my Mom since shortly after my first session. I will see them tomorrow. We shall see…  I’ll update after. Until then…

Don’t forget to share your experience below. We all really want to hear what you have to say. Don’t be shy 🙂

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