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My Top Five Posts From 2015

My Top Five Posts From 2015

The Posts You Loved the Most

First of all, thank you so much for visiting my little blog and sharing in my life!  Each one of you keeps me going. Throughout the past year, I have been blessed with so much encouragement and inspiration from my readers. My sincere thanks to all of you!  May 2016 overflow with blessings for you and yours.

5. Quest 2016 – What I Most Need To Tell Myself As A Homeschool Mom. – This post was the result of a group of writers asking ourselves hard questions so we might be better prepared to go into the new year to reach our goals. When I was asked what I most needed to tell myself, I surprised even myself with my answer. It’s as honest as it gets. That’s what they asked me for and that’s what they got. Perhaps that is why this post reached further than most. Check it out here.

Quest 2016 – What I Most Need To Tell Myself As A Home School Mom

4. Quotes About Patience – What Mom does not need a word or two of inspiration as she struggles to parent through the hard parts. None of us is spared frustration. We all experience those moments, there is no escaping it. That said, as parents it is important we also teach our children patience. They need it just as much as we do. Here are my favorite quotes about patience.

Quotes About Patience

3. Kid Friendly Christmas Games – The best moments at holiday celebrations can get lost in the rush. The chaos can be made King and rule and then before we know it Christmas or Thanksgiving etc. can be over and we haven’t enjoyed it like we wanted to. Family games are a great way to slow things down, create memories with your family and laugh together. Our favorite parts of family gatherings are the times we gather to play. Perhaps you feel the same. This was my top three most read post from 2015 and it was just posted in December.

Kid Friendly Printable Christmas Games

2. Making A Baking Soda Bubble Bomb – We do a lot of experiments around here but this was by far one of T’s favorites! This is part of our homeschool curriculum but any family can and, in my opinion, should 🙂 learn together. This is a fun way to do just that!

Making A Baking Soda Bubble Bomb

MY TOP POST: Mom, You’re White As A Sheep – It can be so hard sometimes to recognize how quickly your little one is growing up. This post is about one of those times when I realized that T was growing up too fast for my heart to handle. We all have these heart squishing moments and sometimes, all you can do is let it out. I did and my online Mom’s were so kind and compassionate. Thank you, ladies!

Mom, You’re White As A Sheep

Top Five Parenting Tips
Top Five Parenting Tips

I was inspired to pull the numbers and put together this post by Jenny at The Jenny Evolution!  I follow her blog and I love it! She has parenting tips, recipes, craft ideas and she is a Mom to boys too. I sense a kindred spirit!  Please go check out her blog!  You will thank me.

Also, she has invited a bunch of us to be part of this!  Check out the Top Five Parenting Tips from bloggers everywhere by visiting her!

1 thought on “My Top Five Posts From 2015

  1. Kindred spirits for sure!!! I always thought I would be the mom of boys but the universe thought otherwise and I couldn’t be happier 🙂 Being the mom of boys is wonderful in so many ways.

    Thanks for participating in the Top parenting Tips series with The Jenny Evolution. It’s wonderful having you as a part of our online parenting community!

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

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