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My Week In Photos

This week has been all about preparing for Christmas! I had a wonderful cookie baking day with my Mom, my sister and my niece.

This little sweetheart kept things interesting.


We made m&m pudding cookies, sugar cookies, no-bake cookies, and the peanut butter Hershey kiss ones.


Little Miss Pretty loved to help.


Pretty soon there were cookies everywhere!


We plan on delivering them tomorrow. I finally got brave enough to put out the snowmen my Mimi made for me. I had feared their safety with Porthos around, he loves to eat anything that contains stuffing of any kind. A baby gate saved the day and wa-la!  They are too cute!


India the Cat found her Christmas present under the tree early. She has moved in and only leaves if it is absolutely necessary.


I got my Christmas Eve bags finished with the discovery of this packet of Hot Apple Cider. Mr. Wonderful does not love cocoa!  Go ahead, gasp!  Shake your head. I don’t get it either but…


All of this and I attended my first Christmas party this year! I made these yummy pinwheels with chive cream cheese, Italian Peppered Salami, Roasted tomatoes and red peppers, Kalamata Olives and baby spinach. The best part, it finally snowed!  It was beautiful and went a long way towards creating some Christmas Spirit. It has been in the high sixties and sometimes even into the low seventies this week. Crazy! All of this and I didn’t even get my tinsel in a tangle. Well not yet anyway!


It’s been a good week!

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