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Nat Geo -Around The World in 80 Days – 5th Grade Lesson

I wanted to share a piece of the curriculum we will be using as part of T’s 5th grade year. It is GIS Goes Around the World In 80 Days. To download the Teachers Guide click here. This includes the Teacher Instructions, Student Instructions, Student Answer Sheets and Answer Key.

Around the World In 80 Days by J Verne
Around the World In 80 Days by J Verne

This wonderful lesson plan relates to the book, Around The World In 80 Days by J. Verne. You can get a copy on Amazon for less than $7.00. It meets National Science Education Standards for Grades 5-8 and National Math Standards for Grades 5-8. The teacher’s guide will spell out all the details.

I love this lesson plan because it includes:

  • The use of the book which is a classic
  • Countless amazing online features such as maps which teach about time zones and reading grid maps
  • An 1842 School Atlas Study
  • History of the Reform Club
  • Highlights the differences in transportation from 1842 to modern times and highlights the progress mankind has made
  • Lessons covering longitude and latitude
  • Covers physical geography
  • There are studies on plates, earthquakes and volcanoes
  • There are climate lessons
  • Distance measurement
  • Surface currents and global wind patterns
  • 1875 Railroad Map compared to today’s railroads
  • Discussions on sea travel covering speed traveled by knots etc.
  • Vocabulary Lists
  • and much more…

At the conclusion of the lesson there is an essay assignment called, Plan Your Own Adventure which asks them to come up with a mission, choose where they would go, explain what equipment they would need and what obstacles they may expect to encounter.

We are looking forward to this journey and have found a few other complimentary resources to include as we travel from London, all around world reaching destinations such as Bombay, Brindisi, Calcutta, Hong Kong, Yokahama, Suez, New York City and San Francisco.



PS – We have discovered a tool we love. Nat Geo offers a lot that we love but the Map Maker Kits are incredible and free! You can print giant maps, table top maps and so much more. This resource has come in handy many times for us already so we thought we would share it with you.

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